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What Are the Effects of High Wages on the Labor Supply of a High-Skilled Worker?
by MovingSpotlight in Business
The labor market includes low-skilled, entry-level workers and highly skilled, experienced workers. Many factors can influence the availability of the work force, including the economy as well as the amount of wages that workers can earn. High wages can have an impact on the amount of highly skilled labor in the market. EducationDue to the promise of high wages, workers will be willing to engag

Child Care Programs in High Schools for High School Students
by Gábor in Parenting
About one-third of girls in the U.S. get pregnant before age 20, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The March of Dimes reports that only 40 percent of teen mothers graduate high school. School districts and local and state governments across the country provide support services to reduce the dropout rates of teen parents. Many school districts also offer free or low-cost

Does an Investment Have to Have a High Beta in Order for it to Achieve a High Yield?
by Raphaël Slinckx in Personal Finance
Alpha, beta, gamma -- if you're seeing Greek, you're thinking about technical analysis of investments. Beta, like the other Greek letters, is a statistic used to analyze the behavior of a stock or other investment within the market. While it can be used to reveal past behavior, beta alone cannot predict the future yield of an investment. What is Beta?Beta is a measure of price volatility within

How to Treat High Blood Pressure Caused by High Altitude
by Mossy B in Health
High blood pressure can be caused by high altitude illness. High altitude illness can occur during mountain climbing or other activities that take you to altitudes of 8,000 feet above sea level or higher. At this height, there is less oxygen in the air, which is the main cause of high altitude illness. Your body instinctively sends out more oxygen to its cells, and as a result, your heart rate inc

Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
by Greenman in Health
Blood pressure is a measurement of how hard your heart is pumping. If it’s too high, it can lead to problems like heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol is used to build healthy cells. It travels through the blood, but it can also attach itself to the lining of the walls of blood vessels blocking them. This can cause similar problems like high blood pressure. Neither high blood pressure nor hi

Vegetarian Diet for High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
by JGKelly in Health
If you are battling high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease, dietary changes are often a first line of defense. While you may hear a lot of conflicting information about what diet is best, more and more people are considering a vegetarian diet for cholesterol and blood pressure control. There are many variations on vegetarian diets and smart food choices are important, even when you

Foods to Avoid for High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure
by Colorado in Health
High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two problems many people have that can indicate an increased risk of heart disease. Controlling cholesterol intake and blood pressure through proper dieting is an important part of maintaining heart health. To lower cholesterol and blood pressure, certain problem foods should be avoided. Organ MeatsVegetable shish kabobsGoodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Imag

How to Handle High Frequency High Voltage Electricity Safely
by legendma in Home & Garden
Anything that produces 50 Volts or more can be considered high voltage. High frequency does not significantly change the type of safety procedures that need to be used, nor the risks involved. If you are dealing with anything that plugs in, even if it is currently unplugged, assume that there is a high voltage risk. If you keep your work area clean and your body insulated from ground, your risk of

Are There Any Programs That Can Help to Lower High Credit Card Debt Because of High APR?
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Personal Finance
With total credit card debt in the U.S. approaching $1 trillion, many people are looking for a way to reduce their debt. The only sure way to reduce your credit card debt is to pay extra on your accounts. Even so, other programs may help you reduce balances or interest rates. Government ProgramsThe publicity surrounding the federal government's Making Home Affordable program has had many consum

Home Remedy for High Cholesterol & High Blood Sugar
by Ryan in Health
There are many vitamins and foods that help support and even lower cholesterol and blood sugar.There is more than one home remedy for high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Each one of these specific conditions has special home remedies. Foods to Lower Blood Sugar and CholesterolSalmon Rich in Omega 2Having a high-fiber diet has been suggested for both high cholesterol and blood sugar.This incl

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