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Highlight paragraphs in MS-Word doc based on list of paragraph group numbers to highlight?
Category : Databases

I have several-page MS-Word document with paragraphs where every few paragraphs has a new paragraph number. See example below. Separately, in MS-Excel or CSV file, I have two columns of information -- paragraph number and whether it should be highlighted or not:

Paragraph Number, Highlight?
1, True
2, False
3, True

What's the easiest way to end

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Remove highlight color but maintain image highlight in Custom UITableViewCell
Category : Mobile Programming

I am searching this for some time but I never found a solution.

I have a UITableView with custom cells, those cells have an image and I place the labels on it.

The thing is, when I select a cell, the whole cell frame is selected using the default highlight color. I tried changing the style, but if I use cell.selectionStyle = UITableViewCellSelectionStyleNone;

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Android: How to Remove Selected Tab Highlight Color & On Press Highlight on TabWidget
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am now working with Android TabWidget.
I build this TabWidget based on http://mobileorchard.com/android-app-development-tabbed-activities/
I've already add background to the TabWidget,
but apparently the highlight of selected tab and pressed tab is always visible and I cant turn it off yet.

Here is the picture (sorry cant directly add image because still a newb). :

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How can I get --webkit-tap-highlight-color to highlight an entire DIV?
Category : Mobile Programming

I'm struggling to get iPhone OS4 to produce the default tap highlight on a DIV, in a UIWebView (ie embedded in an application, not in Safari).

The markup is:

<a href="...">
<div class="item">
<div class="imgWrapper">
<div class="Title">
Title text

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Rangy: Creating a new highlight is remembering the old highlight
Category : Web Design

I am using the highlighter module in Rangy.

I have a div element, which has some html. The html is actually loaded from a file using ajax, I have a button which does this loading.

Once the text is loaded, I can select a portion of the displayed html and press my "Highlight" button. This calls some Rangy code and highlights the text as desired...

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CursorLine highlight in ViM, highlight only line number and spaces/tabs on beginning /end of the line
Category : Web Design

I use ViM's :highlight CursorLine to change bg color on the current line. But sometimes the text not readable.

I would like a highlight that could only change the background color for the whole line except the text (counting the spaces/tabs in between chars as text).

Is it doable? If yes, how?

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Highlight, then fade highlight, for list items dynamically added to a list
Category : Programming Languages

I have an unordered list on a page. When that page is refreshed through Ajax, new list items may come back that will be dynamically added to the unordered list. When the new list items get added, I would like to highlight those new list items, but fade the highlight out after a specified time.

I have tried animate and the jquery highlight effect, but have not found the right mix

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HighChart marker highlight / tooltip issue, highlight marker does not move
Category : Web Design

When I move my mouse over the chart I expect the marker to move and the tool tip to appear and highlight each point. But, it just stays on the start. If I move the mouse left and right on the start point it highlights the first and the last point?

Any ideas how to fix this so it highlight correctly over each point?

$(function() {
var chart;

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Can't highlight xml syntax with highlight.js
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to print xml on an html page.


<pre><code class="xml">
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<response value="ok" xml:lang="en">
<comment html_allowed="true"/>
CDATA is <not> magical.

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Highlight changes?
Category : Web Design


<textarea>Original Text</textarea>

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