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Draw horizontal lines from x=0 to data points in matplotlib scatterplot (horizontal stem plot)
by Mike in Programming Languages

Consider the follwing plot:

produced by this function:

def timeDiffPlot(dataA, dataB, saveto=None, leg=None):
labels = list(dataA["graph"])
ax = gca()
xi = range(len(labels))
rtsA = dataA["running"] / 1000.0 # running time in seconds
rtsB = dataB["run

horizontal layout - sticky footer hides horizontal scrollbar
by l2ez4m in Web Design

I have this code for horizontal layout in a div but when I add footer, which should stick to bottom, the horizontal scrollbar disappears.

also the container and footers height & width should be complementary to the browser window.

here is my code:


<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-

Horizontal Scrolling Flash Game/Large Horizontal Scene
by maximumbob in Web Design

I'm currently learning Flash (CS4, AS3) and am creating a game. I have currently 1 flv file with 4 scenes, I then move from left to right and then to scene 2 and go from left to right. This is the game where items pop up that need to be clicked on and you get points.

Is there any way I can combine these onto 1 scene? Flash only allows you to have a maximum of 2880px wide. The reason

Creating a CSS based horizontal dropdown menu with a horizontal sub nav
by cjdavis in Web Design

I am trying to create a css horizontal drop down menu that will show the children in a horizontal subnav. What I have so far is: (this is incomplete but I am stuck)

<ul class="menu">
<li class="top"><a href="/">Home</a></li>
<li class="top">
<a href="/company/">About</a>

CSS horizontal list not shown horizontal in firefox on chrome
by James Clarke in Web Design

Hi i'm trying to create a toolbar using ul and li elements, everything works good on IE8 but when i render the page in google chrome o firefox the elementos does not show in horizontal way. Here is the css i'm using for the toolbar.

padding: 4px;
div.Toolbar ul
list-style: none;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px 10

DIV Horizontal Scroll Bar to be the main horizontal scrollbar
by jaysen in Web Design

I have a layout with a container and then within that container is another div for the content. I have it set so that if a table is bigger than the container, there will be a scrollbar.

However, many of the tables are long, so in order to get to that horizontal scrollbar, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page scroll to the right then scroll back up to the to

horizontal navigation bar with a horizontal second tier that uses images
by IndyColtsFan in Programming Languages

can someone please recommend a horizontal navigation bar with a horizontal second tier that uses images. When the user hovers over an image, a mouse over changes the image.

Something similar to this....http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/horizontal-sub-nav-with-css-jquery/ but using images.

i started off working on this and have gotten quite far , but since i used images

Horizontal menu on the right with sliding horizontal submenu
by Andrew S. in Programming Languages

I want a horizontal menu float on the right with a horizontal submenu on hover sliding/opacity between the menu items. The first example that i'm showing here and now want to adjust uses titles in the links instead of a submenu list.

See first example - demo in fiddle

The second example is a problem that i encountered before by using
this code below, that didn'

horizontal menu with horizontal submenu
by Jesse McDowell in Web Design

I am trying to make an horizontal menu with horizontal submenu. I've tried something but it didn't work : the code above was supposed to display the horizontal main menu , when you hover on one of the links the color of the link changes and an horizontal submenu appears.

html code:

<div id="menu">
<li style="float: left; a:ho

Jquery horizontal vertical menu - move horizontal exceed elements to vertical menu if more than x width
by Elieder in Coding

We have requirement to make horizontal and vertical display in the same level because horizontal menu items is more, so am looking for solution to display items in horizontally rest of the items in vertical.

Currently we are using JDmenu Jquery for menu.

For example ,20 items are in the menu array, need to display 15 items horizontal and 5 items should append in vertical

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