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Horizontally centered on a horizontally scrolling page
by Taylon Silmer in Web Design

I'm trying to develop a horizontally scrolling website in which clicking a link in the navigation scrolls the page to the right to the linked div.

The problem is I want the elements that it scrolls to to be horizontally centered within the browser window. I assume that this can be done using javascript, but I have no idea how to go about it.

Here is a pastebin link to my

How to center text horizontally and vertically,and center icon vertically,also right icon horizontally in the same Spark DataGrid cell?
by thejunglegod in Web Design

As the title----How to center text horizontally and vertically,and center icon vertically,also right icon horizontally in the same Spark DataGrid cell? i want to solve it,the examples are below:

The flash example:flash example

Code of ImageRenderer.as

import spark.components.HGroup;
import spark.components.Image;

How to Put Your Taskbar Horizontally
by beginner99 in Computers
The Windows taskbar sits along the edge of the desktop and holds the Start menu, open applications, application bookmarks and the date and time. By default, the taskbar sits along the bottom of the screen; however, it can be moved to any edge of the screen and configured vertically and horizontally. If you have set the taskbar to sit vertically along the left or right side of the screen, it's easy

CSS How to center a div horizontally
by keird in Web Design

I am working on centering a div horizontally. I have the following code to center my div in the body tag both vertically and horizontally, but seems just the vertical piece works. How can I get the horizontal piece to work as well. Thanks in advance.

background-color: #081418;
font-size: .75em;
font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Sans-Serif;
How to Put the Tool Bar Horizontally
by antonio in Computers
In Microsoft Windows computer operating systems, users have the ability to modify the main toolbar, or task bar as it's more commonly referred to, in ways that will better suit their needs. Task bar customization options include adding the Quick Launch bar for shortcuts, changing the size to accommodate more shortcuts or open programs and moving it to a different location. The default setting for

How to Align a DIV Horizontally
by Norway in Internet
One of the key aspects of any web designing endeavor is deciding upon the horizontal alignment of the various elements of your web page. Much like the typing of a document in a word processing program, the text, images, and other elements in your page can be aligned to the left, the center, the right, or justified across their parent container. DIV containers can also be assigned an alignment prop

Expand div horizontally using css
by Shailja in Web Design

I am looking to expand a div horizontally after a video is dynamically resized, similar to how YouTube works on re-sizing.

I have re-sizing images on the video and they work fine, users can press the + or - arrow fine and the video resizes, but the box on the right does not fall below it and expand the 100% of 1024px container (the max the video resizes). Also, when the video is red

How to horizontally center a DIV
by vyazkov in Web Design

How can I horizontally center the DIV with the textbox and button on this URL: http://tinyurl.com/d4lpyh5?


All blocks should come horizontally
by raven84 in Web Design

In the below fiddle


I want all the block 1 , block 2,block 3 ,block 4 in same line.My table position have to fixed.It should not change I tried with display:inline-block.it is not working.

If i keep table position fixed and set the margins table positioning is also changing..but my table have to fixed.

You can try the be

Div aligment horizontally
by Chunkee in Programming Languages

I have a one page structure web site. I used vertical parallax but change this. Now, i want horizontal parallax.

This is my site:

How can i make aligment horizontally this structure?

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