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Database hosted in Azure virtual machine is the same as if hosted on normal remote hosts?
by Seattle in Databases

I would like to host a firebird database in an Azure virtual machine.
Normally, I would indicate in a program a connection like this:


....to connect to remote host. In azure, you cannot do that.

I would need to connect with something like:


The clie

Self hosted cross domain WCF service called from silverlight hosted in sharepoint
by Jim Davis in Programming Languages

as the title already states I am trying to call a self hosted WCF service (hosted in a windows service) from a silverlight 4.0 application which is hosted in sharepoint 2010. I use the basicHttpBinding and I already tried a lot of things as suggested here:


or here


Does a WCF self hosted service handle more or less load than the IIS hosted option?
by aaffleck in Programming Languages

Does the hosting option affects the amount of requests a WCF service can handle?

Moving wordpress from self-hosted into wp hosted
by Fırat Can Başarır in Web Design

I was using self-hosted wordpress for a while and now I want to move all posts, settings to my wordpress.com account. I mean I want create free wordpress hosted account and move all data from self-hosted account into it. Is that possible? if yes, how? please explain

Best way to use Google's hosted jQuery, but fall back to my hosted library on Google fail
by ms-access in Programming Languages

What would be a good way to attempt to load the hosted jQuery at Google (or other Google hosted libs), but load my copy of jQuery if the Google attempt fails?

I'm not saying Google is flaky. There are cases where the Google copy is blocked (apparently in Iran, for instance).

Would I set up a timer and check for the jQuery object?

What would be the danger of b

How to Migrate a Self-Hosted Blogger Blog to a Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog
by Erenhardt in Internet
If you should want to transfer all your Blogger blog files, archives, and images to a Wordpress blog, the tools to help you do that are fairly easy to use. This article applies to blogs that you host yourself on your own domain, not to blogs that are published at the free Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com sites.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A web hosting account where

Can I import data from one hosted database to another hosted database?
by Russia in Databases

I have two databases that I connect to remotely via SSMS, which are both hosted on GoDaddy's servers, but not on the same server.

I would like to run a script against the two databases that extracts some data from db1 and then imports the data to db2.

Is there anyway I can do this, or would I be better of writing a small program that can access both SQL connections and r

How would I redirect a VPS site hosted in one site as a subdomain hosted at another site?
by Joe in Web Design

I have a site (let's say abc.com) hosted at Hosting provider A, and I have another site hosted as a VPS with another hosting provider (Hosting provider B). I have a dedicated IP address for the VPS site, but no domain (just something like myvps.hostingco.com) and I want the site hosted at myvps.hostingco.com to be a sub-domain of abc.com, some

GPL and hosted services
by Theo in Operating Systems

As I understand it GPL says you only have to distribute derivative code for works you distribute, i.e. if you develop internal software you can keep your code private.

What happens if you develop a server application, say like Facebook or StackOverflow? The server app is not 'distributed' so what's the situation with your code in this case?

Imagine I m

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Hosted jquery, ssl on IE9
by stephenbennyhat in Programming Languages

I am using hosted jQuery for an SSL-enabled site. In IE it's showing this message:

This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS.

If I click "ok", I can use jQuery; if I click "no", I cannot.

When I checked the hosted link for jQuery, it starts with "http".

Is there an "https" hosted jQuery as an alternative?

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