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Easiness of changing hosting of WCF from Self-hosting to Windows Service Hosting
by IHateMyJob2004 in Programming Languages

I am currently working on a project that should be implemented as a WCF service (of course with a client application as well).

The project also needs to use Entity Framework (Code-First approach) as the ORM layer between the service and the DB.

Eventually, this service should be hosted as Windows Service. I was wondering at start if I could just use self-hosting and then

My website is a Video BroadCasting Site. Whether I MUST host on ffmpeg hosting or can i use normal hosting?
by Dré in Programming Languages

I am Implementing a Video Broadcasting site, I need to generate thumbnail for every video when the video is uploaded. For that i had to install ffmpeg and modify php.ini. My doubt is whether can i host on normal hosting or I MUST select ffmpeg hosting??

Hosting ASP.NET - knowledgeable programmer, hosting noob - Scaling and Speed Question
by Ka0t1x in ASP & ASP.net

Apologies for this huge question.....please bear with me and try to help :)

Previous employers have all had in house hosting or people other than me to deal with that side of stuff and all my personal projects (ie low traffic) have been comfortably handled by servergrid.com who allow any number of domains even in their basic package.

I am about to take on more serious pr

Domain Hosting, Editing MX Records for HTTP Only while retaining Email Hosting
by apaunchev in Development Tools & Services

I am inexperienced with anything related to domain administration, so I am at a pretty big loss, but here is our problem.

This company has a situation where they own a domain through netsol.com, so they have full access to the domain.

However, they have email hosting through their ISP - the domain is forwarded to the ISP, and the mail system is all setup on that end.

Hosting data/image heavy site on dedicated, and images on shared hosting account
by eb. in Programming Languages

I have built a database/image rich application thats only going to increase in size.
I am on a budget, but do have a rather good 3Ghz XEON server with 400 GB space.

My idea which I am looking for oppions on is to:

Run the application on the server as well as the database.
Host the images on a shared server with no limit on data storage.
Cache the images on my

Azure Pricing / Hosting Question - will hosting a simple site cost $0.12/hour + data use?
by Vacant Space in Web Design

My question is pretty simple: does hosting a website on Windows Azure, require 24 "compute" hours per day?

That is, what would it cost me to host a website for a month, storing 1GB data, with 1GB transferred out per month?

I understand the data and message pricing model, but is just having a site up there (on Azure) going to cost me $0.12/hr?

Hosting Javascript/CSS file on CDN similar to Google hosting jQuery
by malbojah in Javascript

I am wondering if there are any hosts or if I can host my file (JS & CSS) on Google so that they are cached and load real quick (due to CDN and gzip).

A number of my customers use these files and I would prefer if they could somehow include this to file to receive the JS file. Ideally with filename.js?publickey=sdfgsdfg (which will be tied to a particular domain name).

Error hosting WCF service on GoDaddy which is working on other hosting
by Rob Archer in Programming Languages

I have WCF service running in local machine as well as here:


now, I am trying to run the same service at GoDaddy Hosting environment here:


I am getting the error:

InvalidOperationException: IIS specified authentication schemes

Project hosting sites that provide web site hosting
by Igor Carron in Web Site Reviews

I wish to start up an open source project and have been thinking about project hosting sites. I've been hearing suggestions to try something other than SourceForge. However, one thing SourceForge has that I haven't seen in other project hosts is its web site hosting. I would like to eventually set up a semi-professional, official site for regular people to visit and get my software. SourceF

Is shared hosting better for a SaaS application or cloud hosting?
by okhomenko in Programming Languages

I am creating a SaaS application and I plan to commercialise it. I want to know whether shared hosting will suffice or should I go in for a cloud hosting? I see that cloud hosting is very expensive and being a startup we cannot afford a high cost. Following we plan to do:

1) Run a cron job to backup the dbs every 6 hours.

2) Dynamically create a db and use it.



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