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How to increase the speed of the application (Hotel booking system) when we integreate multiple Hotel APIs
by hovergirl in Programming Languages

I am working on Hotel booking system. I have to integrate 5 Hotel APIs to get the Hotels. I have seen few
application which are having multiple APIs. These applications has the process as

1 Running the hotel availability requests(one by one)

Parsing the xml response and inset the details into database

Showing the twenty to thirty hotels per page(We can s

How to Negotiate Hotel Room Costs and Get Free Room Upgrades at Any Hotel
by rbonestell in Travel
While many hotels offer loyalty discounts and deals to their guests, you don't necessarily have to be a regular guest to enjoy hotel bargains. Knowing what to ask for, what to look for and who to talk to are just some of the ways you'll get a better rate or upgrades.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
nothing but the skills the how to will provide.


Define a Transient Hotel Guest Vs. Resident Hotel Guest in NYS
by Rast in Travel
In New York State, there are resident and transient hotels, and hotels that have been converted to single-room occupancy. Most tourists are transient hotel guests, while business travelers on short-term assignments often choose resident hotels. Transient HotelsTransient hotels are often misidentified as flophouses because "transient" is often used to describe homeless people. However, in hotel

How to Buy a Hotel
by JustinDSN in Travel
Hotels are a great investment. By owning a hotel you will find your money being doubled or even tripled, especially during the summer months as families go on vacations. People who travel on business will always need a place to stay that has commodities that fits their lifestyle, and the majority of families need an accomodating hotel that meets their needs economically. You will want to keep thes
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How to Become a Hotel CEO
by Ted Leung in Careers & Job Searching
Working for established names in the hospitality industry, hotel CEOs earn sizable salaries, bonuses and compensation packages to expertly steer the helm and fortune of a major hotel company or corporate group. Hotel CEOs are the top leaders and public faces of the company and are ultimately responsible for the successful and profitable management and running of it. While hotel CEOs wield enormous
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How to Get a Hotel Job
by DMasterX in Careers & Job Searching
A job in the hotel and hospitality industry can be appealing for several reasons, including the professional working environment, opportunity to meet guests from around the world and upward career mobility. Barriers to entering the industry are relatively low compared to technical professions, but there are some steps you should take if you are interested in a hotel job.Difficulty:ModerateInstruct
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What Is the Pod Hotel?
by SteveGrabowski in Travel
The Pod Hotel is a unique hotel located in New York City. Each room in the property uses a minimum amount of space, which allows the hotel to offer cheaper rates.
The Pod Hotel
230 East 51st St.
New York, NY 10022
(212) 355-0300 Room TypesThe Pod Hotel offers four types of rooms: the queen, the double, the single and the bunk. With the exception of the bunk room, all rooms h
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What Do Hotel Ratings Mean?
by Guid in Travel
The Official Hotel & Resort Guide developed the hotel rating system, which originally was available only to travel agents. The Mobile Travel Guide, a consumer guide, rates all U.S. hotels and foreign ones. Rating systems differ between the U.S. and other countries, so you should view worldwide hotel ratings only as general guidelines. One StarOne-star hotels are usually small and independently

How Much Should You Tip Housekeeping at a Hotel?
by Mytime34 in Culture & Society
Whether you are staying at a five-star resort or a local motor inn it's always a good idea to tip your housekeeper. Travelers typically tip for room and bell service, so the person who picks up your dirty socks and changes the sheets certainly deserves some monetary respect too. However, many people are unsure how much to tip the housekeeper and what is considered a good, average or poor tip. S

What to Tip Hotel Staff
by Mexico in Travel
Tipping at hotels can be complicated and oftentimes misunderstood. While some people in the hotel do not need to be tipped, other people work mostly off of tips and deserve to be paid appropriately. Do not feel obliged to tip every person in the hotel, such as the maintenance man who fixes something in your room or the check-in staff. You are, after all, paying to stay in the hotel.
For all
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