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Hotels on Disney Property That are not Disney Hotels
by Steve in Travel
Many guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resorts stay in hotels, which are not actually Disney owned and operated. Hotels like the Swan and Dolphin, the Regal Sun Resort and the Royal Plaza are all on property, close to all of the fun, but independently owned and operated. Though these hotels are not owned by Disney they still have to adhere to "Disney Service Guidelines" as part of an agreement

Noa Hotels
by skimple in Travel
NOA is a hotel company which owns and operates seven hotels along the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea in southern Turkey. Oceanside hotels in the NOA chain offer guests accommodations and more, including fitness, entertainment and dining facilities. Located outside of urban centers, NOA hotels provide a relaxing environment for guests to unwind, or enjoy local attractions, such as national parks,
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The Most Fun Hotels
by allisolm in Travel
For a frequent traveler, the average hotel starts to seem mundane and boring. The hotel should be just as fun and exciting as the destination. Depending on individual interest, whether it's books, casinos or all things pertaining to the sea, there is a hotel catering specifically to that interest. Spend a few days in a room with a science fiction theme while visiting Manhattan, enjoy an Egyptian t
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Hotels in NYC Near JFK
by bikefixxer in Travel
In 2009, New York City had over 45 million visitors passing through John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport according to the New York and New Jersey Port Authority. Those visiting New York desiring to stay near its many attractions have plenty of New York City hotels to choose from, many of which are near JFK Airport. Bentley HotelThe Bentley Hotel is situated in midtown Manhattan. Traffic permitting, it
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Top Hotels in UAE
by scott.sizemore in Travel
The United Arab Emirates is located in the Persian Gulf, and is comprised of seven emirates. The capital, Abu Dhabi, and the largest city, Dubai, both have become synonymous with extreme luxury and opulence, and consequently are home to some of the world's greatest hotels. Amenities in these hotels vary greatly, but all have the same aura of luxury. Emirates PalaceThe Emirates Palace is located
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Hotels in Bel-Air
by Darin in Travel
Bel Air is a small city in Hartford County in northeastern Maryland. The city was first founded in 1780 and has many historical sites, including the Hays House, the Liriodendron Mansion and the Rockfield Manor. The Ma & Pa Railroad Heritage Trail follows the former route of the railroad between Heavenly Waters Park in Bel Air to Friends Park in Forest Hill. The hotels in Bel Air are clustered toge
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Fun NYC Hotels
by Sigtryggur in Travel
With its famous nightlife and cultural attraction, New York City brings thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Hotels abound in New York, from luxury accommodations to simple backpacker hostels. Here you'll find dozens of fun hotels offering comfortable accommodations in a funky or non-traditional atmosphere. Many of these hotels are small, independently owned boutiques rather than
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Hotels Around USC
by Daniel E. Renfer in Travel
The University of Southern California, or USC, is a mecca for avid Trojans sports fans, providing football and baseball games on the campus. This university is in midtown Los Angeles, California and features the California Science Center. USC is within 20 minutes of hotels in midtown and downtown Los Angeles. Movie buffs are within 30 minutes of Hollywood attractions, including Grauman's Chinese T
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Hotels Near JAX
by Lucas Thompson in Travel
Jacksonville International Airport, known by the airport code JAX, is located just north of downtown Jacksonville, Florida. As Florida's largest city, Jacksonville has a great number of hotels and other accommodations, and many of them are located just a quick drive away from the airport, allowing for many options of places to stay that are convenient for travelers. On-Site HotelsJacksonville
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Dog Hotels in the UK
by Wilson Mar in Travel
The British Isles features dog-friendly hotels in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Some hotels allow dogs on the area grounds while others limit dog areas to guest rooms, bars and lobbies. Cost of bringing your dog during your stay varies with each hotel. Luxury British dog-friendly hotels can include a Pet Concierge. The Rubens At The PalaceThe Rubens at the Palace is a dog-friendly hotel
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