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What Can You Use to Make Your House Smell Nice When Putting Your House on the Market to Sell?
by hyperNURb in Home & Garden
Besides thoroughly cleaning your house and manicuring the landscaping in preparation for visits from potential buyers, it is also important to make your home smell good. Certain smells trigger euphoric feelings and house hunters are more likely to purchase a home that has a cozy atmosphere and comforting scents. Baked Goods AromasIf you have the time and skills, bake bread, cookies or an apple

Ideas for Painting a Wood Outdoor House Next to a Brick House
by Nothingness in Home & Garden
The color of a building next to a primary home is as important as the color of the house itself. It is tempting to paint outbuildings, like guest apartments or pool houses made of wood, just one color, especially if the main home is made of brick. But the “San Francisco Chronicle” states that it is best to use two or three colors when accenting a brick home. Monochromatic ColorsA mo

The Difference in Buying a Foreclosed House and Short-Sale House
by Radeon962 in Personal Finance
When you buy a short-sale home, the bank that financed the property allows the buyer to purchase the home for an amount that's less than the current owner's outstanding mortgage balance. When you buy a foreclosed home, you buy a bank-owned home and, as with short sales, you can often buy foreclosed homes for less than the current market value. However, the process of buying a short sale works very

Do You Have to File Taxes If You Sold a House & Bought a House in the Same Year?
by nseibert in Personal Finance
The Internal Revenue Service does not distinguish who must file a tax return based upon the purchase or sale of a home. Single filers who earned more than $8950 must file a federal income tax return. Individuals filing as head of household may make up to $11,500 before filing a tax return. Married couples whose combined income is $17,900 or less do not have to file a tax return. Individuals and co

How to Rent a House to Offset the Mortgage Prior to Buying a New House
by danil in Personal Finance
If you want to purchase a new home but have not yet sold your current home, you may be considering renting out your current home. Renting your home can provide income to offset your current mortgage, which can help you qualify for the new mortgage. However, because some homeowners have strategically defaulted on their old mortgage loans after using this strategy to buy a new home, FHA lenders have

How to Make an Offer on a House That Is Contingent With the Sale of Your House
by Sunny Dhillon in Personal Finance
In any offer to purchase real estate, contingencies are usually attached that must be satisfied before the sale can take place. Some are standard, such as financing, title validity and inspection, but some, such as making the sale contingent on another, appear at the discretion of the buyer or seller. If the buyer makes an offer contingent on the sale of an existing home, it's usually harder for t

How to Keep your House Clean - 6 Daily House Cleaning Tips
by erlang in Home & Garden
Doing six simple cleaning tasks daily reduces the amount of time you will devote to house cleaning in the long term. Clutter, trash and dirt won't build up into an unmanageable mess when dealt with on a regular basis. Cleaning your house daily can improve your living environment as it offers health benefits such as burning calories. Researchers at Indiana University found that housecleaning helps

How to make your house smell good with house plants
by JackBurton in Home & Garden
House plants can have numerous benefits in a home. Learn how to make your house smell like chocolate, pineapple, or lemon by the chose of your house plant.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Space for a plant.
The plant of your choice.

Choose a Cosmos daisy for a house plant and your house will smell like chocolates. (This could be a wonderful v

Can You Sell a House on a Land Contract If You Owe Money on the House?
by cmt95 in Personal Finance
Selling a home using a land contract does not require the seller to relinquish ownership on the title to the home at closing. The title of the home stays in the seller's name until the land contract is refinanced into a standard mortgage. Often, land contracts provide home buyers who cannot qualify for traditional financing with a way to purchase a home and enjoy the benefits of home ownership. So

Can a Joint Owner of a House Place a Lien on the House?
by cusideabelincoln in Personal Finance
Concurrently owned property allows two or more individuals to jointly own real estate. State laws establish the property rights that joint owners have, and the majority of state laws are based on English common laws. Generally, since jointly owning property creates indivisible ownership rights, and each joint owner has an equal right to use the entire share of property, joint owners cannot lien a

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