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How can I copy my public ssh key to hundreds of computers without retyping my password hundreds of times?
by Nick Durcholz in Network & Servers

I want to put my public ssh key on hundreds of computers. Usually I just do "ssh-copy-id remoteHost001" and then type in my password. Obviously it's a pain to retype my password a hundred times. What's the easiest way to put my public key on hundreds of computers without wearing my fingers down to nubs?

How to Get Hundreds of Songs on One CD
by svn in Computers
When creating an audio CD for use in standard CD players, the music files on your computer (typically MP3s) must be converted and formatted for that use. This formatting takes up disk space, resulting in only one or two dozen songs fitting on an audio CD. Without the need for formatting, you easily fit many audio files on a CD. Many CD players now have the ability to play "MP3 CDs," so songs can b
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Select from hundreds of tables at once (.mdb)
by M0dusFRee in Databases

We have .mdb file with hundreds of tables: Lesson1, Lesson2, Lesson3, Lesson4, etc. All tables have the same structure:


What SQL statement would generate a result like this:

| table_name

Handling hundreds of dependencies with ant
by erlang in Web Design

I have to refactor an ant xml file. Basicly I have one big task that checkouts (using cvs) a lot of dependencies, build them, and then copy all the jar/wsdl generated by building them to a directory that I specify. If one dependency version changes, I have to change the name in at least 3 places on the xml file (cvs checkout, build, copy).

What I'd like to have is just a single pla

Why Are There Hundreds of Mosquitoes Around My House?
by Bernhard in Home & Garden
Mosquitoes are frustrating. They can make any trip into your yard a nightmare as they buzz around your body looking for blood and leaving behind an itchy welt. Not only are they pesky, they can be dangerous. Mosquitoes are known to carry harmful diseases like West Nile virus. Fortunately there are simple ways to keep mosquitoes from overwhelming your house and property. BiologyAccording to the

Ping hundreds in one script
by billputer in Network & Servers

I want to ping some servers on a game, they are all in the same format, only there are possibly hundreds of them. This is what I currently use:

ping server1.servername.com -n 20 | grep Minimum | awk '{print $3}' | sed s/,// >> Output.txt

That will ping the server 20 times, and chop off everything but the minimum ping amount. If I wanted to ping 300 of t

How to Beat Hundreds of Applicants in Getting a Job
by ElFenix in Careers & Job Searching
With the economy running slow and jobs in short supply, you need to make an impression on potential employers among a pool of similarly qualified applicants. The way you present yourself throughout the whole application process can give you a competitive advantage over other job candidates. In order to stand out from the numerous applicants and get hired, you must clearly demonstrate to the potent

Java (hundreds, thousands, etc)
by Mahi in Careers & Job Searching

I would like to build a method that outputs 1000 if the input number is thousands (eg. 3458), 100 if it is hundreds and so on. Is this possible?

QSqlQuery using hundreds of MB of memory
by Peter Z in Programming Languages

I'm using a QSqlQuery object to do a linear walk of a 10million row SQL table with a very complex 6 column primary key in sorted order. Because of the key(which I CAN NOT change), breaking upmy query SELECT * FROM table1 with < or > with LIMIT causes a huge number of issues with the algorithm I'm using.

My proble

How to Share Hundreds of Pictures
by RoBo in Internet
With the popularity of digital cameras and digital pictures, people seem to be using physical photo albums much less frequently. Today, most people upload their photos online, organize them into albums and send links to the albums to their friends and family members. If you want to share hundreds of pictures with people you know, there are a few different ways to do it. You can upload your photos


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