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Is iCloud only meant for UIDocument and CoreData(How to Take Back up of any folder with its data on iCloud)
by YoNGaR in Mobile Programming

I read the apple documentation and some other links and found there are examples of using iCloud with only either UIDocument or Core Data.

I am having a folder created in documents directory named "backUPFolder" and it contains some images and other files in it.

I want to ask , if it is possible to move this backUPFolder in iCloud with all the data exist in this folder a

iCloud Time out. (using iCloud + Core Data + Magical Record
by Pradeep Gowda in Operating Systems

I started an app test to use Core Data and iCloud (using Magical Records). After a lot of troubles to configure Provisioning Profiles and Entitlements, the app finally runs. After a while the app crash and throw this message::

2012-12-31 03:42:07.079 iCloudTest[252:1103] -[PFUbiquitySafeSaveFile waitForFileToUpload:](268): CoreData: Ubiquity

Migrating an existing SQLite iOS app to iCloud: how atomic is iCloud?
by swassbac in Operating Systems

I'm working on enhancing an existing application to use iCloud so the same data can be accessed on multiple devices.

I'm planning to use document-based storage and to use a file package (i.e. a directory of files represented as single file and handled by NSFileWrapper).

My main question is: are file package updates guaranteed to be atomic? If I open the app

iCloud : how to manage iCloud desactivation?
by DesiPower in Mobile Programming

I'm facing a problem concerning the iCloud synchronization process.

When a user decide to activate iCloud, the document stored locally in the app sandbox is moved to the local iCloud directory and then the file in the sandbox is deleted. This is done by the setUbiquitous method.

My problem arise if the user desactivate iCloud in the iPhone settings ( by switching off "i

iCloud vs own server (or move from iCloud to own server in a future version)
by wcf in Mobile Programming

I'm creating an app (currently just for iPhone) that will need a way to backup data automatically, plus give users the ability to access their data from different devices. The data may get to a consistent size after a while, since it will also include photos and such.

I'm currently thinking between using iCloud and using my own server (with login/registration) for storing the user's

Abandon Core data with iCloud and just Store / Load sqlite file of core data into iCloud storage
by sham63 in Mobile Programming

I'm making core data base app.
and I struggled to sync core data via iCloud on multiple devices and It's failed. and I noticed tons of developers are in the same area with me.



so please don't say there is better way to sync it or re-connect devices

iCloud on AIR for iOS
by Ali in Operating Systems

I'm developing iOS app on AIR(flash).

I want to use iCloud KeyValue function (using ANE).

But I don't know how to enable iCloud function on AIR.

I guess that app.xml is key, but I have no clue any more.

Anyone knows this?

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How do I tell how much iCloud space my app uses?
by tangsty in Mobile Programming

Is there a way to see what my app is backing up to iCloud, and how much memory it consumes?

NSUserDefaults and iCloud
by Mike in Operating Systems

My app is one I have asked about before. It is an XML parser that shows a number of items from the XML equal to the number of days the app has been opened. My question is mainly this: I have nothing set up with iCloud in version 1.0. I will soon be releasing an iPad version of the app due to its popularity, and am concerned that those who have had the app for a while on iPhone will now be r

How to get EKSource for iCloud?
by Seba in Mobile Programming

Trying to implement iCloud Calendar synchronization for iOS.

Need to get corresponding EKSource object to be able to create calendar there. While iterating over the stores the type for iCloud store is EKSourceTypeCalDAV but the same type can be used for other stores as well.

So how can I specify if corresponding store is really for iCloud?

Right now using d

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