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Core Graphics drawing lags on iPod 4th generation and above, but smooth on 3rd gen iPod touch?
by Cadu in Operating Systems

Ive developed a simple drawing app using core graphics to draw with your finger on the screen using Core graphics.

On 3rd generation iPod touch's it runs very very smooth, but anything better or more recent it lags like crazy, even on the new iPhone 5!

Can anyone explain?

MPMusicPlayerController: iPod stops sending notifications, when iPod App is terminated in background
by Italy in Web Design

I am using a music player property for iPod player controller.

// .h
@property (nonatomic, retain) MPMusicPlayerController *ipodPlayer;
// .m
ipodPlayer = [MPMusicPlayerController iPodMusicPlayer];
NSNotificationCenter *notificationCenter = [NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter];
[notificationCenter addObserver:self selector:@selector(changedPlaybackState:)

How to Get Textfree on iPod Touch to Show Your Message When Your iPod Is in Sleep Mode?
by Francois in Electronics
Textfree is a communications application for iOS devices, including the iPod touch. The app allows you to send and receive voice and text messages via the Internet, so even though the iPod touch can't access the cellphone networks, you can still send messages to your friends and contacts from the device. In order for Textfree to alert you to an incoming call or message, and to display any text mes

How to Connect an iPod Shuffle to a Regular iPod Docking Port
by Zivic in Electronics
The connection point on an iPod shuffle differs drastically from the standard iPod connection port, so all of your iPod accessories with the "universal" dock do not work with the Shuffle. A few adapters on the market allow you to use your iPod shuffle with iPod speakers, power cords and computer USB dongles that use the regular dock.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Charge your iPod shuffl

iPod app stops responding after iPod returns from standby mode
by wcf in Mobile Programming

The GUI of my application stops responding after the iPod has been in standby mode. The application I have made is based on the "Utility application" template from the wizard in xcode - but the original application still works after the iPod returns from standby.
My application plays music (AudioUnit) and when the iPod enters standby the music stops but when the iPod leaves standby mode th

Videos I Downloaded From iTunes on My iPod Touch Won't Resync to My iPod
by Lepton87 in Electronics
Apple's iTunes Store allows users to purchase videos not only through the iTunes computer program, but directly on the iPod touch as well. After purchase, the video remains registered to your iTunes account, and will regularly transfer back to your computer during the next sync. If purchased videos won't resync back to your iPod after purchase, an unauthorized computer, deleted file or improper sy

How to Transfer iPod Songs to iTunes Library for an iPod Touch
by kalfa in Electronics
After purchasing music on your iPod Touch, you may want to transfer your music back to your iTunes library on your computer. Copying your data prevents lost purchases in case your iPod Touch is lost, stolen or becomes damaged. You must also authorize your computer to play media purchased under your iTunes account; otherwise, the iPod Touch will not allow you to transfer the media.Difficulty:EasyIn

Can You Get Free Games & Apps for an iPod Touch Through the iPod's Wi-Fi Connection?
by Topher Cyll in Electronics
You can use your iPod Touch to connect to your personal wireless network or a wireless network in a public place and download free games and apps. Because of this feature, you are able to browse the Internet while waiting. If you previously downloaded games or other applications, you can entertain yourself with those even if no Wi-Fi connection is available. BackgroundThe iPod Touch version of

Compare iPod Classic & the iPod Touch 16GB
by iNate2000 in Electronics
Introduced in 2001, the iPod classic is the original version of the portable multimedia player from technology company Apple Inc. The current model of the iPod classic is available in only one size: 160GB. The iPod touch was added to the Apple iPod lineup in 2006. The first and second generations of the iPod touch were both available in 16GB capacities. The last 16GB iPod touch was manufactured in

How to Upload Music From an iPod to iTunes Without Erasing the iPod
by Lepton87 in Electronics
You can upload music from an iPod to iTunes on a personal computer without erasing the iPod. There may be instances in which you want to copy music from an iPod to your iTunes library; for instance, you may have recently purchased a new computer or replaced your computer drive. Or your computer may have crashed and you wiped it to fix it; now you want to restore your iTunes files with the music on

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