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Does anyone have any idea about any songCatcher library for Linux? or any idea on how to use “Audio-Ofa-Util-0.04”?
by got_bainne in Operating Systems

Does anyone have any idea about any songCatcher library for Linux? songCatcher is based on the acoustic fingerprints.

I managed to find one "Audio-Ofa-Util-0.04" but I'm facing problem in using it. Or if someone can help me understand its usage.
Like: > how can I pass an audio file to this tool.

Any specific command for its usage etc.

Any help would

Good idea or bad idea, to use non-deterministic ordering of xml elements in the output of a REST service?
by waggy in Programming Languages

Hash.to_xml and other such Railsisms may result in element orderings being different in the output of a REST service. XML Elems are order sensitive, so this would not be a problem for JSON or XML attributes.

What aspect of service definition best practices is this breaking that makes me think it is a smell ??

Good Idea or Bad Idea? Using a Static Class Variable to Store a Global
by tgwizard in Programming Languages

I have a class that I am using all over the place in my code. It contains settings and other core functionality. Here's what I'm doing right now to use the class.

$settings = new Settings();

Then, when I need to the code in some random function in another class, I do something like this:

function abc() {

IDEA 11 adb I/O error when trying to attach a debugger when 2 IDEA's windows open
by venom361 in Programming Languages

At this moment, this error started with IDEA 11. I still did not find the right pattern but if a device or emulator are idle for a specific period of time (not long) and if I then try to push the project to a device/emulator and to attach a debugger, first appears a message that IDEA is trying to connect to ADB (a several message windows) and then the upload starts, the apps gets uploaded, then

Play Idea failing - no sbt-idea plugin for this version of sbt 0.11.3
by GregoryWE in Programming Languages

I'm stuck.

I've on a Mac and have installed the typesafe stack with brew

I've created a new play project using play new appname and all is fine.

I'm trying to import it into intelliJ using play idea - but when I do this I get the following error;

[error] no sbt-idea plugin for this version of sbt - 0.11.3

I have play! 2.0.3

Caching the end iterator - Good idea or Bad Idea?
by iNate2000 in Programming Languages

Generally speaking is it a good idea to cache an end iterator (specifically STL containers) for efficiency and speed purposes? such as in the following bit of code:

std::vector<int> vint;
const std::vector<int>::const_iterator end = vint.end();
std::vector<int>::iterator it = vint.begin();
while (it != end)

EF with database with no PKs - Good idea/Bad Idea/Fuhgeddaboudit
by skh in Databases

There is so much conflicting and confusing advice all over the web about this. And I would like to settle this for myself and for any one who will be looking for such information in future.

Question is — Will Entity frame work work well with database that has tables with no Primary keys.

Detail : I have a database and it has lots of tables that don't have a PK specif

Good idea / Bad idea (/other ideas ?)
by Traveling around the world in Web Design

I have recently been asked to make an Eclipse Rcp view that would be "pretty".
In that purpose I had fist looked at Java2D (after my boss advised me so) before the client's query turned to be more like

"It would be smooth if you could do some flash or something ..."

From there JavaFx seemed appealing to me however I never had a chance to use it before. I then were w

need Idea for app in WPF
by cubby1223 in Operating Systems

I've finnished to read all the topics of WPF and I want to develop an application so I'll be sure I got it.

I want it to include all the topics : binding, converters, UCs , MVVM , templates .. etc.

any ideas ?

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Is it a bad idea to do ASP.NET MVC without any ORM?
by showb1z in ASP & ASP.net

I am learning ASP.NET MVC now a days and I have found that most of the examples in ASP.NET MVC are with ORM. I don't have any issue in using ORM for my learning and personal project. But at my work we have worked only with ASP.NET web forms and we use stored procedures only. We have data access layer (simple c# classes) as interface between asp.net code behind page and stored procedures. Now if

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