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iFrame on page, wait before all iFrame content is LOADED before showing iFrame
by keird in Web Design

Question explains everything.

I have an iFrame on a page.
I'd like to wait for the iFrame's content to LOAD completely before the iFrame is shown.

What is the easiest way to do this?

each time iframe create new iframe when i called iframe parent page
by msmy300z in Web Design

I have client.jsp page i put following iframe inside it

<IFRAME SRC="<%=filterPath%>" width="100%" height="1811px" id="iframe1" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

In client.jsp i have link to call other page and from that page i again redirect on client.jsp using following code

<a href="client.jsp"&g

Increase iframe height according to the iframe content. most content is loaded via ajax inside the iframe?
by andystacy in Web Design

Major problem :
increasing height after ajax content is loaded.

How to create Iframe using AJAX (not just add Iframe block element but create iframe from 0)?
by keyed in Web Design

How to create Iframe using AJAX (not just add Iframe block element but create iframe from 0)?

How to handle an iframe's popstate event or disable browser's back button on an iframe?
by Roman in Web Design

I'm trying to use soundcloud's html5 widget on my web site and it loads the widget inside an iframe. When track is finished i load another url by using their javascript api to the widget and it reloads iframe as i see. Then browser's back button becomes enable. When i press the back button it loads the widget to previous url. But also i'm using ajax on my page and the back button throws a monke

Overlay a div over an iframe which is the full size of viewport + then make div scroll with iframe/page?
by Triumph in Web Design

I'd GREATLY appreciate any assistance that you can offer please re. the following which is leading to lots of unpaid overtime!

I'm attempting to overlay a div over an iframe which is the full size of the browser viewport, yet also make this overlaid div move with the iframe content beneath when scrolled. I'm also attempting for there to be only the one set of scrollbars displayed w

How to make links break out of iframe when you only control the iframe page (not the framed pages)?
by M0dusFRee in Web Design

I have a site that displays other sites through an iframe on certain pages. It does this in order to display a toolbar that is relevant to the reader (like Facebook and Owly does). However, when the user chooses to leave the original site I want the bar to go away. As you might gather, I don't control the sites in the iframe, and they're on another domain than the iframing page.

I t

“Friendly iFrame” detection: How can I find my nested iframe in the top page?
by Erwin in Web Design

I've come across a challenging iFrame detection problem in a "friendly iframe" environment. I need to identify from window.top which foreign domain iframe element in window.top.document loads inside of itself yet another iframe with the same domain, protocol, and port as window.top.

So here's the central question: On Page A, how can you determi

Printing an iframe and surrounding content when iframe is larger that a printer's paper size
by James Clarke in Web Design

I have an application on one domain that displays content from another application from a different domain. The iframe gets dynamically resized similar to the method described here to prevent the iframe from having any scroll bars in it. The problem I'm having is that when the page is printed, if the iframe is bigger than a printer's paper size, content from the iframe is not printed. I would l

printing parent page and iframe contents from print button withing iframe
by Jammy in Web Design

I am using an iframe (I hate them by the way!) to call in a 3rd party checkout page into my parent page. The check out page doesn't allow me to pass any variables into it other than $total_amount. So, if an individual purchases 2 or more items they have no record of the items they purchase just the total amount. I have echoed the list of items purchased with php above the iframe for their refer

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