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ASP.NET MVC4 not handling POST requests in IIS7 integrated mode, but in IIS7.5
Category : Programming Languages

I have an interesting case I cannot explain, and I need help figuring out what my problem is on IIS7:


ASP.NET MVC 4 web application
default route registered to {controller}/{action}

See the following controller:

public class ServiceController : Controller
public ActionResult Test()
return Content("Te

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dot net 3.5 app to run on IIS7.5
Category : Programming Languages

Hi I have an application which has a main project set to ver 3.5 with some utility projects set to ver 2.0. I need to migrate the app to work on IIS7.5. I have tried recompiling the app as is and putting it on the server but to no avail.
What do I need to do to get this app running on 7.5? Will I need to upgrade the projects in the solution to .net 4.0?

any pointers much apprec

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IIS7 URL Filtering
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to denied access to my website when users use a URL like


Right now when I try the url above IIS7 will serve:


I also installed urlscan on the server with

.. ; Don't allow

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Host WCF in WAS or IIS7?
Category : Programming Languages

We have a server application that has one module installed on a separate server, and want to use WCF for the two modules to communicate with each other. I've narrowed it down to hosting the WCF either in IIS7/WAS or in WAS without IIS. The main purpose of the primary application is actually to serve as a tcp/ip sockets based server that processes some data that comes in. Would IIS7 or WAS be

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Allow MDB Downloads in IIS7
Category : Databases

Currently if I am hosting an Access .MDB file to allow users to download, IIS7 is throwing a 404 error. I know the file is there and the permissions are fine. It appears to be a Handler issue, but I cannot figure out how to change the handler to allow downloading of MDB file. I assume I need to add something to the Handlers section of the web.config, but I am unsure of the syntax.


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app_offline on IIS7 with PHP
Category : PHP

I'm running PHP on my IIS 7 Server and I would like to get something similar to the ASP.NET app_offline.htm functionality.
Just putting app_offline into the directory did not work. Maybe there is a good rewrite rule that would just forward all requests to app_offline? My first try resulted into a redirect loop, so not sure what I did wrong.

<rule name="Offline" enabled=

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asp .net 4.0 app on IIS7 Error 404.17
Category : Programming Languages

I am having a problem setting up a website under IIS 7. I have created an application and the application pool for the application. Application pool is using .Net Framework 4.0 as my .net app is written in .Net Framework 4.0. Application pool is set to use classic Pipeline Mode. MIME Types have been automatically added to .asp & .aspx.

When I run the website windows explorer is

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ASP.Net 4.0 on IIS6 vs IIS7
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to convince my boss to upgrade a couple web app servers from Win 2003 to Win 2008 so I can utilize ASP.Net 4.0 on IIS7. I am also trying to get our SQL Server 2000 upgraded to 2008 so I can use Linq2SQL in VS2010 plus a bunch of other reasons.

But the boss is experiencing sticker shock now that I have told him what it all costs. So I guess I have to possibly cut back so

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Asp.Net 4.0 Profiling on IIS7
Category : Programming Languages

New to both Asp.Net 4.0 and IIS7 deployment.

I am having a runtime problem with my application. Basically certain pages are not loading, also looks like a memory issue related to certain calls etc.

What are some of the tools and techniques for profiling/debugging Asp.net 4.0 when deployed on iis7. I am just looking for a way to get the BIG picture and the drill down to s

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How can I install asp.net mvc 2 on IIS7?
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have developed an ASP.NET MVC 2 website, and now need to deploy it to my web server. I've overcome some hurdles already, since ASP.NET was not installed etc. but I've now got to the point where I can serve up plain content files, and if I try to hit one of my MVC URLs I get this:

Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web.Mvc, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31

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