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How Kinect depth images are created ? Can simple RGB images can be converted to images like those depth images?
Category : Programming Languages

My primary motive is to detect hand from simple RGB images (images from my webcam ).
I found a sample code find_hand_point

function [result, depth] = find_hand_point(depth_frame)
% function result = find_hand_point(depth_frame)
% returns the coordinate of a pixel that we expect to belong to the hand.
% very simple implementation, we

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“no entry for content://media/external/images/media/0” when using MediaStore.Images and contentResolver to get images stored on device
Category : Programming Languages

I have a very basic requirement. I need the last captured image (and its thumbnail) from the device camera which i can use.

I use the following code to get the image thumbnail:

String[] projection={MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails._ID,MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.IMAGE_ID,
Cursor cursor=Media

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component for creating images.need to upload images .the images uploaded should be saved in component created
Category : Programming Languages

i am creating a joomla 2.5 component for displaying images in front end.in admin side i need to used a file uploader for saving multiple images.can anyone can tel me any source for doing it.
this is the fuction for uploading file which i have written.

function fileUpload($max, $module_dir, $file_type, $msg){
$file = JRequest::getVar('file_upload', null

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Can Compass generate sprites from images in folders outside of app/assets/images"? Like in lib/assets/images or even Gems?
Category : Programming Languages

I was under the impression that Compass could generate sprites from image files in a Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline environment; however, I can't get it to work.

In my application.scss file I have the following code:

@import "foo/*.png";
@include all-foo-sprites;

If I have the foo directory in app/assets/images, this work

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Bundling images with Grails plugins, refering those images from an application using the plugin does not work
Category : Programming Languages

I've created a plugin doing some crud operations. In the web-app/images/icons folder I've got some icons representing various operations.

The following works great when running the plugin, but as soon as the plugin is installed in an application it stops working. It does not look like images from plugins are made available in the applications they're used in.


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Listview with images, but when scroll the List, the images apear in wrong rows (SOLVED)
Category : Programming Languages

The image (in this moment just one for one specified country), when i scroll the listview appears in some rows, when should appear in just one specified row.

Example: in the row "france", appear the flag of france, but then, the same flag appears in other rows. Not in all rows. At the moment, im only test with the flag of france.

Thanks, and sorry for my bad English.

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Apple Script to extract cropped eps images and save new images in a separate folder
Category : Web Design

I am wondering if anyone has an AppleScript to extract cropped EPS files from an INDD CS5/CS6 document and save the cropped images into a new folder.

I have seen a lot of posts for CS3 and tried to adjust the AppleScript to work for me but cannot get the images to save.

I need them at 300 dpi, eps format, binary, JPG preview for MAC OS and saved in a new folder. I am fam

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Images hosted on Photobucket and Gmail will not display the email newsletter images correctly
Category : Development Tools & Services

My images are hosted on the image hosting website photobucket.com. When it comes to reading the email newsletter, in place of the images are thumbnails saying "This image or video has been moved or deleted. Photobucket".

I don't get this issue with Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, nor my Apple Mail app. Is it down to gmail's HTTPS setting? I've read this could be a possible symptom but I hav

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Bugs with “Pop Images like Google Images” post made earlier
Category : Programming Languages

Please check this post:

Pop Images like Google Images

I was working with the codes in this post by "Roko", but I am getting a bug in the same. When you arrange the code to display your gallery, all the images of the gallery are arranged nicely but the link added with the image will be same for all.

For example, according to the algorithm below (not using any

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How do I extract images from Google Images based on user input and place them on a page?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm new to web programming, but I had an idea I could use as an instructional tool, and I was hoping I could get some guidance.

Here's my idea: I want to have some form that takes the data entered by the user, submits each word in the form to google images, and retrieves the first image returned by Google Image Search. Each image should be then be pasted in the current document

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