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What Is an ESN Vs. an IMEI?
by Switzerland in Electronics
Depending on what type of cell phone you have, the device will be assigned either an Electronic Serial Number or an International Mobile Equipment Identity. While similar in some ways, both ESNs and IMEIs have some significant differences concerning how they look and what kind of devices have them. ESNESNs are attached to CDMA, AMPS and TDMA devices within the U.S., along with a number of other

How to Update the IMEI/SIM With AT&T
by Dave Lievense in Electronics
When you activate a phone that requires a new SIM card with AT&T, you will need to provide a SIM card number and the phone's IMEI number. The SIM card ties the phone to your billing account, while the IMEI number is the specific identification number for your GSM handset. The IMEI number is printed on the back of the phone under the battery cover, but the fastest way to find it is through the phon
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About IMEI Numbers
by BooTeK in Electronics
More than one and a half billion mobile phones were sold in 2007, a 16% increase from 2006. Millions of cell phones are lost or stolen each year. One way to deactivate the lost or stolen phone is by utilizing the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code. Cell phones that participate in this program can easily block or blacklist the device. While the system is not 100% effective, it is b
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IMEI using Javascript
by Baskaran in Javascript

is there any way to retrieve the IMEI number of a cellphone, using javascript?

How to Locate IMEI
by Matt Corr in Electronics
When you wish to unlock your cell phone to use on another network, you usually need to give the agent handling the unlock process your IMEI, or "International Mobile Equipment Identity" number. Additionally, the IMEI can be used by your phone provider to stop a thief from using the device. The IMEI is usually found behind the phone battery or by entering a short code and pressing "Send."Difficulty
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The Difference Between ESN & IMEI
by odunthorne in Electronics
There are a few different ways that mobile carriers identify handsets on their network. The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI code is unique to GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) networks. The largest GSM networks in the United States are AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile. Electronic Serial Numbers (ESN) are used on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks. The largest CDMA

How Can I Get the IMEI Number From My HTC Evo?
by CrookedNumber in Electronics
You can get the IMEI number from your HTC EVO without having to contact your mobile service provider's customer service. The IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique number that identifies certain models of mobile phones, including the HTC Evo. The IMEI number is used to program your mobile phone and to disable the phone if it is lost or stolen. The number is available in your
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What Does AT&T Use IMEI Codes For?
by Alex Bartzas in Electronics
Each phone on the AT&T network has its own International Mobile Equipment Identity number. The 15-digit code is located under the battery on your phone, and AT&T uses the number for several important reasons. Chiefly, the IMEI number links your personal cell phone to your AT&T customer account and bill. Identifying PhoneThe IMEI number on your cellphone has several specific uses, b
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How to Convert AT&T With IMEI
by Kbotei in Electronics
Converting your AT&T cellphone from "locked" to "unlocked" enables you to use the same device on another network. The conversion process is useful if you prefer to use a different network, but continue using your same handset. The alternate network may offer a cheaper contract or some other benefit. You must unlock your phone using the IMEI and the device's unlock code to c
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How to Get the IMEI Number on a Droid
by kanda in Electronics
The IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity, number identifies a mobile phone on a cellular network. A mobile phone service provider can use the number to prevent your Droid from accessing its network if is lost or stolen. Unlike a SIM card, you cannot remove the number from the phone because it is an integral part of the phone's settings. To find your Droid's IMEI number, you need to ope
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