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How to implement define interfaces in class library and implement separate process
by Paul in Programming Languages

I have different interfaces defined in a seperate class library (assembly) and they need to be implemented by classes defined in that process.

The problem is that the interface is defined in a separate class library (assembly) and must be implemented in a different CLR process(assembly). Will adding class library as a reference do the job?

Is there anything else I need t

Does not implement inherited abstract member error, but base class does implement
by iamwiz82 in Programming Languages

Getting a compile error in C# saying that my child class does not implement an inherited abstract data member.

Structure is essentially this:

public abstract class Transaction
public abstract int MyMethod();
public abstract class GeneralTransaction : Transaction
public override int MyMethod()
return 1

How to implement javascript file into jquery? for ipad / implement iscroll
by Ted Leung in Javascript

I am currently trying to implement this into my current code:


I have been using jquery this whole time in my code, but iscroll was created in all javascript.
Is there any way to get this to work without having to change all of the javascript into jquery format?
I am developing for an ipad and I need the ability to scroll through a div. Sc

Is still useful to implement EJB with RMI when you can implement Web Services (SOA/REST)?
by Andrew Mattie in Programming Languages

This might sound similar to this, but it's not.

I kind of understand EJB and RMI, and I have been working with web services under SOA for a while. I want to know why is useful to work using EJB exposing remote interfaces under RMI instead of publishing Web Services (SOA/REST, but mostly SOA). I'm not asking which one is better, just I want to know a very good reason of why should I

how to implement Jmf
by boonchew in Programming Languages

how to implement jmf in netbeans?and how to build video streaming using JMF?

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How to implement SSO
by patrickcarver in Coding

If "Session information is scoped only to the current web application (ServletContext), so information stored in one context will not be directly visible in another."

Then, how can we implement SSO with the username and password set in one application's http session shared by other application's servlets?

Will appreciate if someone can help understand the implementation

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How to Implement JMS
by br4dz in Business
Java Message Service is a messaging applications programming interface that makes developing business applications easier. Designed and developed by Sun Microsystems, JMS sends and receives business data asynchronously. The API supports two types of messaging delivery models: queuing and publish-scribe. As middleware, JMS defines and allows a Java application to access a company's messaging syste
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How to Implement the SSL on the ISA SSO
by Venezuela in Computers
SSO stands for "Single sign-on." It is a process where you can access a computer system with a single action of user authentication. You can use this mechanism to add Secured Socket Layer certificates on an "Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA)" server. You will need administrative privileges to complete this task.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Log in to a ISA server computer
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How often do you implement the big three?
by RoBo in Programming Languages

I was just musing about the number of questions here that either are about the "big three" (copy constructor, assignment operator and destructor) or about problems caused by them not being implemented correctly, when it occurred to me that I could not remember the last time I had implemented them myself. A swift grep on my two most active projects indicate that I implement all three in only one

How can I implement this on asp.net or asp.net mvc
by Pradeep Gowda in ASP & ASP.net

Me and my team are creating a portal on asp.net mvc.
We want to create such an url for the users page : http://user.portal.com/ .
How can we implement this in mvc or just asp.net.

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