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android : how does the OS chose a component implementation when multiple implementation respond to the same intent?
by Londo_Jowo in Programming Languages

I have a free and a premium version of the same app (almost same code, same classes with "if"s here and there, different packages in the manifest, same process name in the manifest). The main activity calls a service to execute some stuff, using an IMPLICIT intent.

When I install both apps on the phone, it turns out that the premium activity actually starts a "free" service sometim

Is “Spring Data - JPA” the JPA implementation or just extension over another JPA implementation?
by Wilson Mar in Programming Languages

I'm preparing to implement back-end for my app and now I'm projecting data layer. I'm looking towards Spring.

Problems building javax.usb - reference implementation and linux implementation
by Patastroph in Java

For javax.usb, there are three modules:


The faq indicates that in order to use javax-usb, one must build all three modules. Each module has an associated tarball. I've downloaded each of them and unpacked them. So I have a folder with each of these folders in it.

In a console, I enter the javax-usb folder and en

Clojure - mix protocol default implementation with custom implementation
by Puddle Jumper in Development Tools & Services

In Clojure I want to have a protocol where some methods have a default implementation, and some have a custom one. And the first ones refer to the latter ones for configuration. Here is an example:

(defprotocol Saving
(save [this] "saves to mongodb")
(collection-name [this] "must return a string representing the associated MongoDB collection"))
;Default impleme

How can I get the benefits of implementation inheritance without tying my class to a particular implementation?
by Al Velella in Programming Languages

I'm developing an application which builds on a class written by another developer (for which I do not have the source).

I wish to use all of the functionality of said class but also to extend it with additional functionality. Ordinarily to achieve this I would have defined an interface (MyInterface) and have extended the external class (TheirClass) from my own (MyClass) while imple

Correct to use an implementation instead of the abstraction or change implementation?
by BooTeK in Programming Languages

I have a situation where I have 2 Activity objects (let's say empty and scheduled activity, not controlled by me) that share a couple of behaviors, like the person who booked the activity, the room where that activity takes place, activity type, subject etc.

I created two wrappers objects (EmptyWrapper and ScheduledWrapper) that have a super c

implementation of polynimial class implementation
by john3850 in Programming Languages

i have following code to implement ADT of polynimial class

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;
template<class Number>
class POLY
int n;
Number *a;
POLY<Number>(Number c,int N){
a=new Number[N+1];

Is it a missing implementation with JPA implementation of hibernate?
by JoeKaras in Programming Languages

On my way in understanding the transaction-type attribute of persistence.xml, i came across an issue / discrepency between hibernate-core and JPA-hibernate which looks weird.

I am not pretty sure whether it is a missing implementation with JPA of hibernate.

Let me post the comparison between the outcome of JPA implementation and the hibernate i

@implementation ItemsViewController incomplete implementation
by Engr62 in Operating Systems

I am trying to code a IOS project from a ios book (IOS programming).

I have seen a similar question asked and tried the solution offered but it still is not working.

In the itemsViewController.m file I keep getting "incomplete implementation. I can't figure out how to correct. I have tried to use other similar solutions but still can't make it work.

Here ar

Hide virtual method implementation if overloaded method is present in concrete implementation
by Marc Dong in Programming Languages

Here's the situation. I have a base class which implements a method that accepts a string, and sets a property to the value of that string. Under that, I have a group of concrete classes that implement the base. Some of the concrete classes can accept any string value to be stored. However, some of the class's values are constrained within an Enumerated series of values. The final value is


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