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How to get opencv include work in kubuntu? (Includes solution to how to include and link in netbeans 6.7.1)
by Bin in Programming Languages

I have installed OpenCV C libraries from package management into my Kubuntu 9.10. I wrote a small image modification program that uses those libraries, but I can't compile it, because every time I try to compile I get the error message that the functions from OpenCV library cannot be found.

Those header files are in folder /usr/include/opencv/ but still the compiler say

PHP include paths - include fails if file referred to with “./” prefix
by Angelo Giannatos in Programming Languages

I'm having issues with includes when the included file itself includes another file but refers to it with the dot prefix. For example there are three files - inc1.php, inc2.php, and subdir/test.php, the contents of which are -





include() gives [function.include]: failed to open error while trying to load another page
by JackBurton in Programming Languages

I'm having some trouble loading a php file in my main php file via the include() function. At first, it works ok, but afterwards it just gives the [function:include]: failed to open error.

This is where it all starts. There is a products page ("products.php") that when I click on a product link it must send the name of the file to link to (in this case "details.php") and a variable

#include statements that include a slash (header files made up of two parts)
by DaleS in Programming Languages

Sometimes I see header files of the form.

#include <sys/sysinfo.h> // I found this on my system under /usr/include/sys/sysinfo.h. Is that all the "sys/" means?

What is this called and why are these header files different from most others like

#include <stdio.h>

Include “<?php include('myfile.php')” in an html file with str_replace
by damomurf in Web Design

I have to replace a block of text in around 2 000 files and replace it by an include('myText.php');

The problem here is, it's in a html file. In that case i also need to put the php tags in it
but i dont find a way to do it.

Here is my code

$start = "<is_comment>";
$end = "</is_comment>";
$startChain = strpos($fileContent, $s

CDT does not find Cygwin gcc include files correctly, even after stating include paths
by br0wn in Programming Languages

I have a rather embarrasing question, as this problem was no issue on a linux machine and on my Windows XP machine. But now, after having finally switched to Windows 7 64bit, I ran into the basic problem of making Eclipse find my C++ include files...

My setting:
I am running Windows 7 64bit. I have installed cygwin to "C:Program Filescygwin" and Eclipse Juno 64bit to "C:Program F

Fail to access the passed-in parameter to ui:include at the managed bean level if there are multiple ui:include on the page
by Jerome in Programming Languages

I have A.xhtml and B.xhtml that look as follow


<h:form id="myForm">
<ui:include src="B.xhtml">
<ui:param name="formId" value="awesome Id"/>

How to include templates dynamically in Django using “include” tag
by codelurker in Web Design

I have 10 html file of the naming 1.html, 2.html ..etc
What I want is according to a variable a certain file should be included in the template


{% if foo.paid %}
{% include "foo/customization/{{ foo.id }}.html" %}
{% endif %}

Is this possible ? Cause the foo.id is not being translated before the includes tag works. As a

How can I include proper include files for using libdvm.so at my shared library?
by Al Velella in Programming Languages

I want to use below API which is at dalvik/vm/native/dalvik_system_DexFile.cpp:

static void Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_defineClass(const u4* args, JValue* pResult)

static void Dalvik_dalvik_system_DexFile_openDexFile_bytearray(const u4* args, JValue* pResult)

But I don't know how can I include proper include files for u

My java web app does not deploy unless I include the jstl-1.2 jar, however when I do include that I get duplicate tld warning
by jaset in Java

Where are the duplications likely to be ?

I have the normal tomcat 7 lib folder, nothing added or taken away.

If I use (so the jar is not deployed):


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