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OOP C++ - Error as A.h includes B.h which includes A.h again
by pad in C & C++ & C#

I'm learning OOP and have a doubt. Suppose I have a file ClassA.h that includes ClassB.h, and at some point my ClassB.h needs to include ClassA.h.

This yelds an error and I think I understand why that happens since I get an infinite include loop. But what to do in this case? Is there a way around this error? Or should I rethink my classes to avoid it? Does this mean my class organi

Client side includes vs server side includes?
by MikeG in Web Design

We have an HTML page with multiple div blocks. We want to separate these div's into multiple files and then combine them all together into a single file - is it best to use server side includes (JSP in our case) or client side includes?

Note that we're using JQuery - not sure if JQuery has a clever way to do the includes.

PHP - CSS / PHP Includes
by Saurabh in PHP

I am having problems with my php includes and I am wondering if someone can tell what could be wrong with my code. This is how my file set is broken down.

I have two index files. one in bankindex.php and one in bankonlinebankingindex.php.

I have split my header and footer in two different files. They are listed as
bankheader.inc.php and bankfooter.inc.php. I ca

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How many PHP includes are too many?
by CjK in PHP

Each page on my website is rendered using PHP.

Each PHP file uses around 10 includes. So for every page that is displayed, the server needs to fetch 10 files, in addition to the rest of its functions (MySQL, etc).

Should I combine them into a single include file? Will that make ANY difference to the real-world speed? It's not a trivial task as there would be a spaghetti

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Includes and GET
by Jason Dockery in Programming Languages

I currently have profiles on my website with a unordered list for the navigation, when a list item is clicked it loads the content from a AJAX call.

"Users Uploads" -> AJAX -> request.php with $_POST['id'] = '1' & $_POST['request'] = 'users_uploads' -> include_once('user_uploads.php');

now the problem with this is that i cannot pass the $_GET thr

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if else and includes
by Alec in Programming Languages

I have a conditional include but running into an issue.

For example : this works

<?php if($t==3)
echo 'Foo';
echo 'Foo something else';

and this : doesnt work

<?php if($t==3)
echo 'Foo';
include ('/home/path/public_html/includes/foo_one.php');
echo 'Example: one';
TAGS : else includes

Security for jsp includes
by Ben Humphrys in Web Design

I have a page where I list comments and attachments that are made to that comment. To make my attachment module scalable(I want to use it in different places in application), I have created a jsp:include which can take the pk_id(in this case comment_id) and a constant(which differentiates between various processes) and list the attachments for that entity. My attachments table is designed keepi

Equivalent of includes in wp7 sl?
by PokerGuy in Programming Languages

Navigating via Uris is a bit of a pain when you're designing a relatively big application in windows phone so I wrote a simple method like this:

void Navigate(string Frame)
NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri(string.Format("/{0}.xaml", 0), UriKind.Relative));

problem is, I want to include this code in all the PhoneApplicationPages whi

Dynamic Includes :
by miceno in Web Design

I've seen some posts saying you can only pass literal strings to Jekyll's front matter include statement like so:

{% include mypage.ext %}

However, I have the following HTML layout for pretty much every page:

<section id="feature">
<div class="container_12">
<div class="grid_12 alpha omega">
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PHP includes and subfolder
by Mistere in Programming Languages

I've create an application which uses PHP includes which works great if you don't mind having the PHP include files in the same place as the other files. But I would like to split my code up as neatly as possible. Please see the below file structure:

As you can, I would like all ?.php files to be in the document root and for all php-related include files (eg. database

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