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How to Use Excel to Calculate Incremental Cost & Incremental Revenue
by skulldrinker in Computers
Incremental analysis is the process of identifying relevant revenue and costs under different assumptions to make the best possible decision on how much to produce and at what price. The decision process involves choosing between alternatives based on the differences. The three major components of incremental analysis are the revenue differences (often called benefits), cost differences and cost s

Automatic incremental SQL Script generation for incremental, nightly builds when using Team Build in TFS 2008 and Visual Studio 2008?
by dbrews in Databases

hope that everybody here is OK.

We are using VS 2008 as development tool, TFS 2008 as version control as well as build automation. Some of our developer use dbpro for databases changes and some use SQL Server management studio.

I am trying to automate build for Web Application built using C# and VB.Net.
Our scenario is such that we have a central database to which o

Incremental PCA
by Texas in Programming Languages

Lately, I've been looking into an implementation of an incremental PCA algorithm in python - I couldn't find something that would meet my needs so I did some reading and implemented an algorithm I found in some paper. Here is the module's code - the relevant paper on which it is based is mentioned in the module's documentation.

I would appreciate any feedback from people who are int

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Incremental Union?
by Chaos in Programming Languages

I'm trying to describe a Sudoku Board in C++ with a union statement:

union Board
int board[9][9];
int sec1[3][3];
int sec2[3][3];
int sec3[3][3];
int sec4[3][3];
int sec5[3][3];
int sec6[3][3];
int sec7[3][3];
int sec8[3][3];
int sec9[3][3];

Would each

Incremental Timer
by boobytrapped in Programming Languages

I'm currently using a Timer and TimerTask to perform some work every 30 seconds.

My problem is that after each time I do this work I want to increment the interval time of the Timer.

So for example it starts off with 30 seconds between the timer firing but I want to add 10 seconds to the interval then so that the next time the Timer takes 40 seconds before it fires.


incremental SQL query
by Chris Tattum in Databases

My application has a fixed set of SQL queries. These queries are run in polling mode, ever 10 seconds.

Because of the size of the database (> 100 GB), and the design (uber normalized), I am running into performance issues.

Is it possible to get incremental changes to a given query, whenever a CRUD event happens on the DB that changes the query's result? i.e. if I am que

How to Do Incremental Backups With 7-Zip
by Dan Lowe in Computers
The 7-Zip file format, viewed as the ".7z" file extension, is a compression format similar to ZIP and RAR that packages files into smaller containers for ease of transfer or upload. The format is created and opened by the free and open source program of the same name, although other unzipping utilities such as Zipeg and WinRAR can also uncompress these files. The 7Backup program, also free for dow

What Is an Incremental Drive?
by Jesse in Computers
If you've ever lost files due to a software or hard drive failure, you know how important it is to have a backup. Most backups are full, all your data is duplicated and saved in another location. There is another backup system called incremental. MisconceptionsThe term incremental drive is somewhat of a misnomer. It is most commonly used when referring to a hard drive that uses the process of i

Can we make an incremental counter with only PHP?
by GreenChile in PHP

I would like to know if it's possible without javascript to update an echo ?

For example

for ($i = 1; $i < 100; $i++){
echo $i;

But it will only update the number without adding another line, and another until 100. Is this possible or only with javascript you can achieve this.

I need to outpu

Can Z3 work in incremental mode?
by brennen in Programming Languages

I am using Z3 on QFBV formulas . I was wondering if Z3 can work incrementally on such formulas like SAT solvers can on boolean clauses. Basically I need a way to implement the following loop:

F = initial QFBV formula
while(F is unsat) {
F := F Union {some additional QFBV formula based on unsat core}

Does Z3 maintain the learned informatio

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