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Differences Between Conceptual Independent Variables & Operational Independent Variables
by rjbsmith in Education
Independent variables are variables that scientists and researchers use to predict certain traits or phenomena. For example, intelligence researchers use the independent variable IQ to predict many things about people of different IQ levels, such as salary, profession and success in school. However, one important fact that researchers must take into account before designing and performing research

Four-wheel Independent Suspension vs. Front Independent Suspension
by Walruz in Cars
The debate between solid rear axle -- independent front suspension and independent rear, four-wheel independent suspension -- is nearly as old as the car itself, and it's only gotten hotter over the years. Increased road speeds combined with a demand for overall versatility and comfort have forced engineers to shift their perspective a bit, sacrificing cost and simplicity for all the benefits that

How to Become Independent
by kivava in Relationships & Family
Independence means different things to different people. Moving out, moving on, ending a relationship, changing a relationship, gaining autonomy at work or getting rid of your roommate. Whatever the reason for your freedom, put your fears aside and follow these steps to break the chains and become independent.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Plan your day around you, not anyone else. People who

How to Get an Independent Tutoring Job
by Seba in Careers & Job Searching
A job tutoring primary, middle, secondary, and higher education students provides flexibility and the ability to work as an independent contractor. At first, the term "independent contractor" may seem like a scary concept, but it only means that the company doesn't pay employment tax for paying you. Finding a job as an independent tutor is similar to other job searches, only requiring you to look

About Independent Bookstores
by xSauronx in Business
Independent bookstores face significant competition from large corporate retailers, online stores, online used book sellers, university book stores, auction websites and even libraries. Despite the ferocity of the competition, many independent bookstores still find significant success--at least if they can find some competitive advantages that larger book retailers can't match. SignificanceInde

About Independent Films
by Steven Weber in Arts & Entertainment
What is called independent film today has had many other names in the past, including avant-garde, underground and experimental cinema. Contrary to popular belief, independent filmmaking did not begin with the collapse of the Hollywood studio system; in fact, independent film has existed in Hollywood since the 1920s. Today, independent film is sometimes indistinguishable from major studio movies a

About Independent Contractors
by Jan D in Business
The guidelines that are used by the Internal Revenue Service to determine who can be called an employee versus an independent contractor continue to confuse business owners today. Part of that confusion exists because the guidelines are somewhat subjective in nature. Read on for a better understanding of this often misunderstood entity. HistoryAlthough independent contractors have always existe

The Best Independent Jobs
by Florian Derudder in Careers & Job Searching
Many people are attracted to the idea of being able to work independently at home or in the field. While working independently can carry a higher risk of periods of unemployment, there are many jobs that offer workers the ability to flourish and earn a living outside of the office. Freelance WriterMany people enjoy a career working independently as freelance writers. Businesses are constantly i

How to Vote as an Independent
by TheStu in Culture & Society
There are many reasons why voters decide to identify themselves as "Independent" where political parties are concerned. If you are interested in learning about voting as an Independent, read on to find out more about this option.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Learn about the reasons why people become independent voters. What most people mean when they say they are independent is
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What Is an Independent Expenditure?
by Tridnewly in Personal Finance
An independent expenditure is money spent to support a political candidate, but not at the request of the candidate or his staff. For example, if you pay for a radio announcement to support your favorite senator's reelection, and you did so of your own accord without a request from any source associated with the senator's staff, then the money you paid is an independent expenditure. Limits to I

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