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How Much Cash Can an Individual Invest in an Individual Savings Account (ISA) in Any Year?
by Taylon Silmer in Personal Finance
An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a financial product available to citizens of the United Kingdom. It provides an opportunity for the individual to invest and save without having to pay tax on the interest and capital growth attained. There are two types of ISA: Stocks and Shares ISA and Cash ISA. Individuals over 16 years can invest in a Cash ISA while those over 18 can invest in one or both

Can sqlite load individual tables from individual files?
by Netopia in Programming Languages

I've heard that SQLite can do this (to avoid synchronicity issues in heavy traffic scenarios) is this true? If so how would I do this with PDO in PHP?

how to get individual(s) for given class/individual with given object property using SPARQL
by kraszie in Programming Languages

I have simple ontology called "campus.owl".There is a class called"Lecturer" and which has two sub classes ,RegularLecturer and VisitingLecturer.There is a another class called "Student" which is a sibling class of Lecturer class.
I have created individuals for all the classes.

Student class is joind with Lecture class with "has" object property.


I want

Individual IRA Versus Simple IRA Versus Individual 401(k)
by Mossy B in Personal Finance
If you are self-employed and want to set up a retirement plan there are several alternatives including an individual IRA, a SIMPLE IRA or an individual 401k plan. Each type of plan has its own features and restrictions. Choosing a plan type will be based on the self-employed individual's financial situation and long-term goals. Retirement Plan ConsiderationsThe different choices of retirement p

How to Buy Individual Stock
by Andrew Mattie in Personal Finance
Investing in shares of stock is a proven method of earning good returns and making the equity in your portfolio grow, although it's not free of risk. In the past, the only way to buy individual stock in an established company was to have the purchase executed on a stock exchange or over-the-counter market by a stockbroker. Today that's no longer the case with the stock of many well-established fir
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Difference Between an Individual & a DBA
by thejunglegod in Business
In business, a DBA refers to "Doing Business As," and is sometimes called an assumed name or a fictitious business name. If you have business aspirations, you may be required by law to register a DBA with your county clerk or secretary of state. Whether or not you need to file will in some ways depend on whether you plan to conduct business as an individual or a larger business entity. Trade Na

Can I Rollover My SEP IRA to an Individual 401(k)?
by Jonathan in Personal Finance
The Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account, called a SEP IRA for short, is an employer sponsored retirement plan that makes contributions directly to an IRA on behalf of the employee. As a SEP IRA, the contribution limits are higher than consumer IRAs, allowing greater retirement savings. When employment terminates, it is possible to roll assets from one qualified plan to anothe

How to Help Individual Motivation
by Rick James Astley in Relationships & Family
After illness, job loss, lack of self-esteem or other personal troubles, you might find that a friend has become unmotivated. In the workplace, you might find that a fellow employee is also not feeling very inspired. To kick-start their motivation to do a job, be more productive, or achieve something positive, you need to engage and inspire them. Essentially, this is not an easy task, because each

Individual HSA Rules
by showb1z in Personal Finance
A health savings account, or HSA, is a program to provide individuals with certain preferential tax treatment for health care expenses. The Internal Revenue Services has specific rules an individual must follow to avoid additional taxes and penalties. The guidelines cover the type of expenses that qualify, who may establish an account and the annual limits on contributions. Who QualifiesYou mus
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Individual Art Scholarships
by NesuD in Personal Finance
There are many individual scholarships available to art students. Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, artistic achievement and financial need or some combination thereof. Private art schools such as Pratt Institute and California College for the Arts offer a range of scholarships. Many state universities offer programs of study in art, such as UMass and UCLA. These schools offer

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