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How to Learn why the Inequality Sign is Reversed when Both Sides of an Inequality Problem is Multiplied by a Negative Number
by Monev in Education
Many students in solving Inequality Problems, wonder why the Inequality Sign is Reversed when Both Sides of the Inequality is Multiplied or Divided by a Negative Number. This Article will show the reason the INEQUALITY SIGN is Reversed or changes to the opposite direction.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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On the Number Line, The Rule of Orde

The Method of Inequality
by dfuze in Education
Inequalities look similar to equations when written out; the primary difference is the sign between the left and right sides of the expression. Instead of reading "x = 2" or "y = x^2 - 6," both of which are equations, inequalities might read "x > 2" (x is greater than 2) or "y < x^2 - 6" (y is less than x^2 minus 6). When you graph inequalities, your results will look somewhat different than

How to Check an Inequality
by chanley in Education
In algebra, you will become acquainted with the process of solving inequalities for the first time. Once you come up with a solution, you must also be able to check your answers by plugging in numbers in the answer ranges that you calculate. Fortunately, the process of checking inequalities is much like the process of checking your answers to algebraic equations. Once you understand algebraic equa
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What Is Income Inequality?
by Pete in Business
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings."
--Winston Churchill
Income inequality is an uneven distribution of income. It is a growing concern in the United States as the income gap continues to increase as time goes on. Income inequality is a result of capitalism and other factors. CapitalismThe U.S. is one of many capitalist nations. Because the U.S. prac

What Is Social Inequality?
by dreshyne2g in Culture & Society
In his book "Power and Prejudice," historian Paul Lauren notes what he calls an "impulse to inequality” in mankind, a seemingly inborn drive for one group to set itself up over another: giving themselves rights and privileges they deny others. Throughout history, this impulse has caused the death and suffering of countless millions -- if not billions -- of innocent people. Lea

What Is Inequality in JavaScript?
by Tanclearas in Javascript
One of the fundamental operations in programming is comparing values to decide upon a course of action. This is done through examining inequalities, or pairs (or more) of values that may or may not be equal in value. By checking the value of variables or constants, the programmer can tell the computer what procedure to preform, based on the values compared. In JavaScript, as most other programming

How to Get the Reciprocal of an Inequality
by Raghu in Education
A reciprocal of a number is what you multiply it by to get a product of 1. For whole numbers this can be easily found by turning the number into a fraction under one; for example, the reciprocal of 2 is 1/2 and the reciprocal of 36 is 1/36. To get the reciprocal of a number that is already a fraction, just flip the fraction around; for example, the reciprocal of 4/5 is 5/4. Finding the reciprocal

What Is Wage Inequality?
by Mansur in Personal Finance
Although it's often said that money doesn't buy happiness, income is an essential need to live a life free from want and to maintain a high standard of living. Income levels vary greatly from one occupation to another and can even vary significantly within a given occupation. Wage inequality is the difference or gap between the incomes of different individuals in the economy. Wage Inequality Ba

How Do We Measure Inequality in Sociology?
by Summerfun in Culture & Society
Sociologists study various factors that impact a society, such as wealth and income distribution. Inequality is a condition in which the distribution in a population of resources, such as wealth and income, are not even. In an extreme example of such inequality, which is highly unlikely in today's world, a single person could hold all the wealth of a society -- the distribution is skewed. Gini

Difference Between Inequality and Poverty
by Jimmy G. in Culture & Society
Poverty and inequality are related, but they are not the same thing. Poverty describes a lack of money and the goods associated with money (such as food and clean water). Inequality, on the other hand, is the fact that some people are substantially better off than others. Poverty can be an absolute term, while inequality is a relative one. Poverty -- Social DefinitionSince a dollar buys a diff


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