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Diagrams for showing events and information flow in large scale information systems
by nsavop in Development Tools & Services

Can someone suggest me tools/templates and example to draw diagrams for showing information flow in highly event-driven distributed large scale information system. The system consists of heterogenous devices like PC,data-centers,mobile hand-helds, monitoring sensors (like cameras, laser scanners) used by different users and each user generates a multitude of asynchronous events which the busine

Is Nonfinancial Information as Important as Financial Information in the Decision-Making Process?
by soonk in Business
Before making an important decision, most people consider qualitative and quantitative factors, as well as how both categories may interrelate down the road. Businesses also pay attention to financial and nonfinancial information before taking a competitive stand. In a modern economy in which commercial activities are hardly a linear set of experiences, corporate leadership must factor in the econ

Java: Query Active Directory information with minimal user information
by domis in Programming Languages

So, here's the situation. We'd like to be able to query active directory for a user's roles/group memberships, etc. Now, I can already do that using standard Java API (javax.naming), but I need a username, domain server name/address, and a password to do it. Users also have limited rights, so I can't use any external calls to fancy administrative tools.

In Java, is there a way that

How do I use Ajax and Jquery to pull information off a PHP database, and populate elements with that information?
by DrMrLordX in PHP

I am tweaking a website to make it easier for employees to edit products. Right now, someone has to login to the DB and change prices, and then someone has to change the physical html of the website itself.

So I am writing code that pulls all the products off the DB, and displays them on a page which can be edited. I think doing everything with Ajax would be best.


Model an information system which communicates with other information systems in an uml-diagram?
by Soapy Bones in Coding

i have written a software that is generating a data output based on the communication protocol HL7, but this isn't really important for my question. I have to develop an integration concept to integrate my software as a subsystem into an enterprise information system which communicates with other information systems in other institutions.
I want to show a diagram which explains how the se

Rally: Team status information not fetching all the needed information
by eataix in Web Design

I have been trying to fetch some information such as username, displayname, role and capacity depending upon iteration. The query returns some of the result for the specified project but not all for the selected iteration. I am not sure what is causing this. You can find my work so far below.

function iterationSelected(dropdown, eventArgs) {
console.log("Iteration Sel

C++ reading information from a file and building a 2dimensional vector from that information
by Mytime34 in Programming Languages

Text file is formatted as shown below:

2 columns 2 rows all * go
(four more rows like this)

For each row of text, I need to build a 2D vector based on the information given in the line of text and output to the console. For example, the output of the first line of text would look like this:



I can read the information into my

Information & Records Management: Document-Based Information Systems
by ruby in Business
Document-based information systems are designed to improve the efficiency processing of records within a dedicated information system for information and records management procedures. They support the creation of forms, documents and specialized computer documents in a formatted, indexed system for easy retrieval and storage. IdentificationA document-based information system contains hardware

MySQL: Can stored procedure information be extracted from the information schema?
by findcontrol in Databases

Is it possible to retrieve stored procedure information like name, parameter nane/position/type from the Information Schema in MySQL or possible in some other way?

how to connect to server to retrieve information and then parse that information
by Demo24 in Programming Languages

I would like to get information from remote server I only know ftp credentials. I am newbie, i used the following code where i was able to get only website page source code. i want website specific content to appear and then parse that information. i am using wordpress How to send request to remote server? How can i get response from server? where i am going wrong? can any one help me?

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