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Jquery sortable: Replace value text of input A by value of Input B if input A is in the first list
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using Jquery sortable.
I have a first input call "Iwanttogetavalue" which is not in the two lists.
I have two lists draggable between eachothers.
Inputs are the items
Only one item (input) is draggable within the first list.

If a draggable input (item) (with a class named "giveavalue") is in the first list (sortable1), I want that the Input "Iwanttogetava

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jQuery setting input.value = input.title (or other input attribute)
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to figure out how to set the input value of a text field to the value of it's title when the page loads, as a way to show placeholder text. I'm using an HTML4 Strict doctype. I don't want to store the placeholder text in the input value, because I don't want people without javascript to have to delete the text before typing. I want it to be added with javasc

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Form Input Tag-Bind Input TextBox inside the DIv generated by $form->input()+cakephp
Category : Programming Languages

i am using a CakePHP form Creator

echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'],'name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px'));
echo $form->input($r['Attribute']['label'], array('label'=>false,'div' => false,'id'=>$r['Attribute']['id'].'-','name'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],'type'=>'text','style' => 'width:30px')

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Display or hide some divs when an input is filled. display an alert if two input have the same value, and erase the last input
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to display or hide some div depending on what will be the text filled in the input.

so actualy I have done this function:

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkdiv()
var position1= document.getElementById("position1").value;

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How to repeat an input if the user didn't type in anything and edit the entered input in matlab?
Category : Programming Languages

For example I have

x = input('value = ?')

how can I repeat this command if the user just press enter without any input and I would like to know is there anyway I could edit my input like just pressing the 'backspace' after I have keyed in.

Like I got two input variable now'

x = input('??');
y = input('???');

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Bison input analyzer - basic question on optional grammer and input interpretation
Category : Web Design

I am very new to Flex/Bison, So it is very navie question.
Pardon me if so. May look like homework question - but I need to implement project based on below concept.

My question is related to two parts,
Question 1
In Bison parser, How do I provide rules for optional input.

Like, I need to parse the statment
Example :


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echo or carry form input information over several pages and then input data to mysql?
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to carry or echo the information that a user puts in a form, there are 3 forms the user needs to complete which are all on different pages, by the time they get to the 4th page i need all this information to be inserted into the mysql database all together.

Now i have my sql query which puts the data into the database and this inputs the data fine but only puts in the da

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jQuery: what is “input[@checked], input[@type='text']” finding?
Category : Programming Languages

I've inherited some javascript, and it's not all working as expected at the moment. This is one sticking point:

.find("input[@checked], input[@type='text'], options[@selected], textarea")
.each(function() { ... });

I'm not familiar with the [@] syntax (though it seems clear what it wants to have happen), and I'm

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Java Scanner Take Input, call a method, then back to read more input not working
Category : Coding

I have a class called PlayGame, and in the main method I have this chunk of code:

public class PlayGame {
public static void main(String args[]) {
while (true) {
System.out.println("Where would you like your adventure to begin? (Enter a number)
System.out.println("1. Play the Game
2. Q

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Input form Browse and get Folder Path and save in Text Input Javascript
Category : Javascript

Is it possible to use a File Input within a form to just navigate to a Folder, and then select just that folder? I don't want to select a file within it, just the directory. I'd like to do this rather than have folks type in the entire path to the directory...

In otherwords:

User clicks [Browse] navigates to folder, clicks [OK] and the Browse Input retains the folder p

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