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Insider Trading Law
by jason166 in Personal Finance
According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), insider trading describes a transaction that allows an investor to profit from leaks or confidential or inside information not available to the general public. The SEC may prosecute persons guilty of insider trading under the authority of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and later additions to the Act. In the United States, insider
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SEC Insider Trading Rules
by alexandruz in Personal Finance
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created prohibitions on insider trading, largely based on the Securities Exchange Act. Under these prohibitions, investors cannot make a trade using information that they know to be confidential. Individuals with specific questions about which actions constitute insider trading, or the penalties for same, should consult the SEC or an attorney. Se

What Constitutes Insider Trading?
by Walruz in Personal Finance
The term "insider trading" refers to two different types of activity: one that is illegal and one that is legal. The legal and legitimate form of insider trading is by corporate officers and directors and shareholders who own 10 percent or more of the outstanding stock. To stay onside of the law, they must file appropriate information with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) within the sp

What Are the Penalties for Insider Trading?
by davidg in Business
Insider trading is using information that is not available to the general public to buy or sell securities. CEOs, corporate lawyers or anyone with access to confidential information can all be guilty of insider trading. Although it may seem harmless, insider trading gives a select few information that regular investors don't have, putting them at a disadvantage.
Those found guilty of insider

What Is Insider Trading & How Is It Regulated?
by Mattias Reichel in Business
There are many ways to make money in the stock and securities market, both legal and illegal. One of the illegal methods is through insider trading. Insider trading is an offense that results in fines or imprisonment if a court finds the culprit guilty. ExplanationInsider trading occurs when investors trade stocks or options based on information provided to or from corporate insiders. Insiders

Insider Mortgage Secrets
by Philippines in Personal Finance
Mortgage is the common name for a home loan used to purchase a property. When a homebuyer obtains mortgage financing from a lender, he grants a conditional right of ownership known as a lien to the mortgagee (lender). This conditional ownership serves as collateral for the lender and offsets the risk involved in financing the home purchase, according to the Business Dictionary definition. Homebuye

How to Get a LEGO Insider Badge
by Martin Dobrev in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A LEGO Insider Badge is awarded to people on the My Lego Network social networking site, and it can be displayed for view by other users along with the rest of your profile. Badges typically are awarded for creative uses of LEGOs or for being a dedicated LEGO fan. The LEGO Insider Badge is awarded only to people on the My LEGO Network sites who have traveled to Billund, Denmark, to visit the compa
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Types of Insider Trading
by br4dz in Personal Finance
When it comes to investing in the stock market, insider trading is a type of trading that involves people with inside information making trades for profit. While most people think of corrupt CEOs when it comes to insider trading, many other types of this activity can take place. Understanding the different types of insider trading could help you avoid any trouble in this area. EmployeesOne type

Insider Trading Risks
by AnthonyC in Business
Insider trading is a means of using non-market functions to earn a profit in securities. These non-market functions include anything that leads you to learn something about a firm through non-market channels -- that is, information that is not public and is not meant to be public. The first legislation against insider trading was made explicit in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which is still

Insider Tips to Disneyworld
by JoseWalrus in Travel
Walt Disney envisioned Disney World as an East Coast answer to Disneyland: a way for those east of the Mississippi to enjoy the unique attractions of the Happiest Place on Earth. From its opening in 1971, it quickly grew to eclipse the Anaheim park and now stands as the single most popular vacation spot in North America. When traveling there, pay attention to a few insider tips. They will help you

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