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Calander in 2.2 unable to query instances > Unknown URL content://com.android.calendar/instances/when
by energy95 in Programming Languages

Can anyone plese help me with the following code, the problem is with

Uri.Builder builder = Uri.parse("content://com.android.calendar/instances/when").buildUpon();

which throws an Unkown URL illegal argument exception see below



Fetch a list of all calanders, iterate through all calanders usin

How to iterate a C# object, looking for all instances of a specific type, in order to build a separate list of those instances?
by Patastroph in C & C++ & C#

I have a need that is a bit similar to this question, except that it requires a deeper exploration of the source object.

Here is a code sample:

public class Target {};
public class Analyzed
public Target EasyOne { get; set; }
public IList<Target> ABitMoreTricky { get; set; }
public IList<Tuple<string, Target>> N

Number of instances or the content of the instances more important (machine learning)?
by LDam in Web Design

Say in the document classification domain, if I'm having a dataset of 1000 instances but the instances (documents) are rather of small content; and I'm having another dataset of say 200 instances but each individual instance with richer content. If IDF is out of my concern, will the number of instances really matter in training? Do classification algorithms sort of take that into account?

EC2 server, lots of micro instances or fewer larger instances?
by BofRA in Development Tools & Services

I was wondering which would be better, to host a site on EC2 with many micro instances, or fewer larger instances such as m1.large. All will sit behind one or a few larger instances as load balancers. I will say what my understanding is, and anybody who knows better can add or correct me if I'm wrong

Main reason for choosing micro instances is cost. A single micro instance on averag

OQL query to find all instances and sub-instances of a given class refered to from a session
by Master843 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use jhat/OQL to trace a memory leak in our Tomcat container. The question I want to ask is:

"Show me all the instances (and sub-instances) of foo.bar.Cacheable class that are reachable from javax.servlet.http.HttpSession"

I managed to come up with the following, but this doesn't show subclasses of foo.bar.Cacheable (which is important since this is infact a

Adding and Removing tinyMCE instances within jQuery instances
by kamyar in Programming Languages

Odd problem here.

Working with an existing system that uses TinyMCE as it's text editor.

I've created a page which contains a whole lot of movable divs using jquery sortables. Now TinyMCE doesn't seem to like being moved in the dom so after doing a bit of research it appears I have to remove the tinymce instance from the textbox within the div being moved and add it

How to get all related/parent instances from set of child instances without looping through latter set
by rancherlee in Programming Languages

Please regard the following Django models:

parent = models.ForeignKey(ParentModel, related_name='children')

Let's assume there is certain subset of all children in the database available as a queryset (call it the 1st set).
Now, I'd like to gain access to the subset of

How to copy generically superclass instances to subclass instances?
by mhedberg in Programming Languages

I have a class hierarchy / inheritance like this:

public class A {
private String name;
// with getters & setters
public void doAWithName(){
public class B extends A {
public void doBWithName(){
// a differnt implementation to what I do in class A
public class C ex

multiple Instances with shared UIAccelerometer not working for all instances
by nipj in Programming Languages

I have a custom UIImageView class that I want to use to control my UIImageViews.

Inside the custom init method I have the following regarding the UIAccelerometer:

UIAccelerometer *accelerometer = [UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer];
accelerometer.updateInterval = 0.5f;
accelerometer.delegate = self;

My problem is that I hav

Jquery: Find all instances pattern in a string, prompt user for replacement for all instances of a pattern, then do a replace
by Nick Durcholz in Web Design

So basically I am going to have a string, that will have n number of instance that match a pattern. Specifically, the pattern is going to be anything of this form <%=(text)%>.

I want to go through my string and fine every unique instance that matches that pattern. For example if my string looks like this.

<div>Stuff </div>
<%= url %>

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