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How do I Convert an Adobe PDF Form From Non-Interactive to Interactive?
by Rob Archer in Computers
Depending on the Adobe program you are using, PDF files may either be non-interactive or interactive. With a non-interactive program you are unable to edit the document (although it is possible to print the information). An interactive document allows you to edit and adjust the content, just like a standard word processor document. In order to adjust a PDF from non-interactive to interactive you n

Interactive Slate Vs. Interactive Whiteboard
by GarlicBreath in Education
It's been a long time since students have had to clap erasers together outside to clean them. Whiteboards have eliminated the need for messy chalk. But the twenty-first century whiteboard doesn't use a dry-erase marker. The interactive whiteboard can do things that no plain chalkboard or whiteboard could ever do. It essentially converts the whiteboard into a huge touchscreen computer monitor. Thei

How does sympy work? How does it interact with the interactive Python shell, and how does the interactive Python shell work?
by SeaSerpent in Development Tools & Services

What happens internally when I press Enter?

My motivation for asking, besides plain curiosity, is to figure out what happens when you

from sympy import *

and enter an expression. How does it go from Enter to calling


in sympy.core.decorators? (That's the first place winpdb took me when I

Non-interactive scp
by swilli89 in Programming Languages

I'm creating a bash script to create new EC2 instances and then upload a file once the instance is created. I'm using scp to upload the file, however, since this is the first time I'm connecting to the instance the script is prompted with "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?" since the authenticity of the host is not known. The script needs to run non-interactively.

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Interactive php
by Wilson Mar in PHP

I looking for interactive php appliaction like linqpad for c# where i can test code snippets.

Thanks in advice

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3D Interactive Learning
by The Merg in Education
With 2010 celebrated as the year of 3D consumer electronics, the utility of technology isn't new to pioneers who have been progressing towards more viable learning simulations--all rendered in realistic three-dimensional models. Digital interactive learning applications presented with 3D animated simulations are geared to replace passive learning (i.e., listening rather than participating), with i

How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard
by Bunny loves data in Business
An interactive whiteboard is a whiteboard that is connected to a computer and a projector. A touch-sensitive version of a computer desktop, it can be used with either a special pen or a finger, depending on the type of whiteboard purchased. When the projector projects an image onto the whiteboard a mouse cursor appears. The cursor follows the special pen or finger when the screen is tapped. There

Interactive Pre-K Games
by fletchnj in Education
It is challenging to keep pre-kindergarten students occupied because their attention spans are very short and they require stimulating activities to keep their interest. Interactive games are a great way to keep pre-k students engaged and entertained. There are options that include games to be played on the computer and others that are in person. Fun SchoolFun School has Amazing Animal games th

How to Get Your Own Interactive Whiteboard
by jasonmoo in Education
Interactive whiteboards, more commonly known as SMART boards, emerged on the scene in the early 1990s. Using specially designed pens, teachers and technologically savvy individuals can present information to large groups of people in engaging and creative formats. Since their inception, almost two million interactive white boards have found their way into schools, government agencies and other org

Interactive Cat Games
by rajnesh in Pets
Cat fanciers show their connection to their feline pets by caring for them, playing with them, writing about them and photographing them. Some cat lovers create “cat games” with cats as the protagonists. Game players throughout the world can download and play these games. Some cat games seem silly, others challenge players and others allow players to relax and have a good laugh. Cat

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