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How to make in Object Pascal “class of interface” (or “interface of interface”) type
Category : Programming Languages
ISomeInterface = interface
procedure SomeMethod;
// this is wrong, but illustrates that, what i need:
TSomeClassWhichImplementsSomeInterface = class of ISomeInterface;
gHardCodedPointer: Pointer; // no matter
procedure Dummy(ASomeClassToWorkW

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Does marshaling a marshaled interface give me a marshaller to the proxy or the original interface?
Category : Operating Systems

Here is a concrete example:

I create a IWeBrowser2 interface by calling wb.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_InternetExplorer, 0, CLSCTX_SERVER);. This gives me a marshaled interface from my process into whichever of the running iexplore.exe processes happens to contain this browser tab in my thread A.

Now I use the IGlobalInterfaceTable to get a cookie for this interf

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AS3 - Can an interface require an override, OR can a class call methods from an interface used only by subclasses?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a potentially impossible desire. I have a class, from which I want to build several subclasses. Each subclass will implement the same interface, but I kind of want the BASE class to call methods of that interface.

Here's the compiler-error-y version of what I want:

public class Class1
public function Class1()

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list of predef-ed params for an interface method inside the interface description
Category : Programming Languages

The situation: i'm coding a COM-interface looking like

IFace : IUnknown
STDMETHOD_(void, Foo)(int param) PURE;

The interface is supposed to be used only inside my project, in few compilation units, not supposed to be placed in an idl-file. int param is supposed to be used in logical-"OR"

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need of Serializable interface in java? As there are no methods in the interface. and how does it maintain state of an object?
Category : Java

classes which implement serializable interface what exactly they implement as there are no methods in the interface.And how does it help in maintaining state of object across a network.

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Determining if IDisposable should extend an interface or be implemented on a class implementing said interface
Category : Programming Languages

How can I determine if I should extend one of my interfaces with IDisposable or implement IDisposable on a class that implements my interface?

I have an interface that does not need to dispose of any external resources, except for one particular implementation. My options seem to be:

1) Implement IDisposable on the interface requiring all of the implementations to imple

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MVVM SimpleIoc, how to use an interface when the interface implementation requires construction parameters
Category : Programming Languages

Using MVVM's SimpleIoc, I would like to register an implementation for a given interface, but the implementation requires one parameter in its constructor:

public class MyServiceImplementation : IMyService {
public MyServiceImplementation(string contructorString) { ... }

I was hoping that registering the implementation of the interface would w

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MEF & separate Interface assembly leads to “Interface for every class”
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm getting my feet wet with DI/IoC and MEF in particular.

I have a web application that has two types of parts (maybe more someday) defined by interfaces which need access to the whole environment. The application has a list with concrete implementations for each type, composed by MEF.

The environment consists of:

several repositories
current application r

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Can't claim a interface for Kinect-Device (libusb issue -> Interface already BUSY)
Category : Web Design

I use OpenNI on a ARM-Board (Pandaboard with Ubuntu 12.04). Now I want to use PCl but to get this running I need to change the code a litte. At the moment I stuck at a libusb specific issue.

At the initialization of the Kinect when the code tries to libusb_claim_interface(handle,0) I get the the return value -6 which indicates that the interface is busy. (the Kinect device is the

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I have tried to display data on the iPAD interface from sqlite3 database. The build is succeeded but the interface which looks black
Category : Programming Languages

I have tried to display data from Sqlite3 db to iOS interface. I have tried taking the instructions on URL http://klanguedoc.hubpages.com/hub/IOS-5-How-To-Display-SQLite-Data-in-a-UITableView as template but could not be able to do it. The "build" is succeeded but the entire screen of iPAD iOS simulator looks black.

The database contains a table of buildings with attributes: id, Na

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