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How to make in Object Pascal “class of interface” (or “interface of interface”) type
by New Jersey in Programming Languages
ISomeInterface = interface
procedure SomeMethod;
// this is wrong, but illustrates that, what i need:
TSomeClassWhichImplementsSomeInterface = class of ISomeInterface;
gHardCodedPointer: Pointer; // no matter
procedure Dummy(ASomeClassToWorkW

list of predef-ed params for an interface method inside the interface description
by Tom Clark in Programming Languages

The situation: i'm coding a COM-interface looking like

IFace : IUnknown
STDMETHOD_(void, Foo)(int param) PURE;

The interface is supposed to be used only inside my project, in few compilation units, not supposed to be placed in an idl-file. int param is supposed to be used in logical-"OR"

MEF & separate Interface assembly leads to “Interface for every class”
by Meg in Development Tools & Services

I'm getting my feet wet with DI/IoC and MEF in particular.

I have a web application that has two types of parts (maybe more someday) defined by interfaces which need access to the whole environment. The application has a list with concrete implementations for each type, composed by MEF.

The environment consists of:

several repositories
current application r

MVVM SimpleIoc, how to use an interface when the interface implementation requires construction parameters
by Bin in Programming Languages

Using MVVM's SimpleIoc, I would like to register an implementation for a given interface, but the implementation requires one parameter in its constructor:

public class MyServiceImplementation : IMyService {
public MyServiceImplementation(string contructorString) { ... }

I was hoping that registering the implementation of the interface would w

need of Serializable interface in java? As there are no methods in the interface. and how does it maintain state of an object?
by Adam May in Java

classes which implement serializable interface what exactly they implement as there are no methods in the interface.And how does it help in maintaining state of object across a network.

AS3 - Can an interface require an override, OR can a class call methods from an interface used only by subclasses?
by HtW in Programming Languages

I have a potentially impossible desire. I have a class, from which I want to build several subclasses. Each subclass will implement the same interface, but I kind of want the BASE class to call methods of that interface.

Here's the compiler-error-y version of what I want:

public class Class1
public function Class1()

Does marshaling a marshaled interface give me a marshaller to the proxy or the original interface?
by deanschang in Operating Systems

Here is a concrete example:

I create a IWeBrowser2 interface by calling wb.CoCreateInstance(CLSID_InternetExplorer, 0, CLSCTX_SERVER);. This gives me a marshaled interface from my process into whichever of the running iexplore.exe processes happens to contain this browser tab in my thread A.

Now I use the IGlobalInterfaceTable to get a cookie for this interf

Determining if IDisposable should extend an interface or be implemented on a class implementing said interface
by poofyhairguy in Programming Languages

How can I determine if I should extend one of my interfaces with IDisposable or implement IDisposable on a class that implements my interface?

I have an interface that does not need to dispose of any external resources, except for one particular implementation. My options seem to be:

1) Implement IDisposable on the interface requiring all of the implementations to imple

Can't claim a interface for Kinect-Device (libusb issue -> Interface already BUSY)
by Bernhard in Web Design

I use OpenNI on a ARM-Board (Pandaboard with Ubuntu 12.04). Now I want to use PCl but to get this running I need to change the code a litte. At the moment I stuck at a libusb specific issue.

At the initialization of the Kinect when the code tries to libusb_claim_interface(handle,0) I get the the return value -6 which indicates that the interface is busy. (the Kinect device is the

Can i deserialize object back to original interface even if all the concrete types now reference new version of interface
by MikeT in Programming Languages

I am running into this massive problem, I have to for various reasons change the Interface defintion to something different. This interface was serialised as a blob into the database. Now i am trying to do the migration of old blob into new blob . But i have managed to maintain the original contract defintion side by side to my modified interface definition. But all the concrete types which wer

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