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Don't give away your internals? [C++]
by jihe in Programming Languages

I am reading book called "C++ coding standard" By Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu and in chapter 42 of this book is an example:(chapter is short so I'm taking the liberty and pasting part of it)


class Socket {
// … constructor that opens handle_, destructor that closes handle_, etc. …
int GetHandle() const {return handle_;

Designer to see internals?
by Coder Blues in Programming Languages

I have my signed assemblies here, in one of them I have a picture in the resources.
The other one is granted to use it as it's own, so my other assembly can reference the picture, and everything works fine.

Only if it wouldn't be for the Form Designer in VS2008.
It does not see the Image. ( It might be ok, since it's linked at compile time. One would think!!!

GUI internals, looking for turorials
by Miklebud in Development Tools & Services

There are tons of resources on how to program using the APIs of various widget toolkits but I can't seem to find much in the way of a tutorial on how to create widget toolkits themselves or how they work n detail. They are basically just black boxes to me right now.

There is some info on QT:

but it seems quite specific

android internals
by eb. in Programming Languages

I just need a little help in my project. Can anyone tell how does android loads all the apps on the device while booting up. Where does it read the apk's retrieves information about the app like the icons, name and finally displays onto the device.

I went through packagemanager->applicationpackagemanager->Ipackagemanager.aidl->packagemanagerservice->settings.java but i couldnot figu

C# - For-loop internals
by tedrodai in Network & Servers

a quick, simple question from me about for-loops.

I'm currently writing some high-performance code when I suddenly was wondering how the for-loop actually behaves. I know I've stumbled across this before, but can't for the life of me find this info again :/

Still, my main concern was with the limiter. Say we have:

for(int i = 0; i < somet
TAGS : loop internals

LINQ to SQL -Internals -C#
by Nick Pegg in Programming Languages

Does LINQ to SQL work in connected environment or disconnected environment? I mean if you compile the query it builds expression query and the query is sent down to sql server ,there it is translated into T-SQL statement and executed and the final result is sent back to the C# code.I hope it is working in connected environment.Is there any framework operates LINQ to SQL in disconnected fashion?

TAGS : LINQ Internals

C# List<T> internals
by Thomas Plunkett in Coding

What exactly happens when adding an object to a collection such as List?

List<Person> people = new List<Person>();
Person dan = new Person() { Name="daniel", Age=10 };
dan = new Person() { Name = "hw", Age = 44 };

When I execute the above code, the List<Person> peopledoes not get affected by final

TAGS : List internals

Python internals
by patheems in Programming Languages

Can anyone please direct me to an online document or books where I can find and learn about the Python implementation in C, like this one for Perl: http://perldoc.perl.org/index-internals.html
or this book: Extending and Embedding Perl by Simon Cozen.

TAGS : Python internals

Inheritance in C++ internals
by waggy in C & C++ & C#

Can some one explain me how inheritance is implemented in C++ ?

Does the base class gets actually copied to that location or just refers to that location ?

What happens if a function in base class is overridden in derived class ? Does it replace it with the new function or copies it in other location in derived class memory ?

.NET Framework Internals
by André Rocheleau in Programming Languages

Can anyone tell a book which covers a in-depth coverage of .NET Framework (2.0, 3.5 or 4.0)?


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