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Is this a good interview questions to be asked in interview for a software tester?
by lwl_seu in Development Tools & Services

I normally ask this question in a interview for tester. Our software is really complex, has GUI and backend component. We require the tester to be good in analytical and can think out of the box. In this context, is the following question good to be asked or is it too complex/bad/ugly? Also our requirement is that the tester should be experienced.
The Question
There is a software named as

Can Good Follow-Up Letters after an Interview Reverse a Bad Interview?
by Tim Watson in Business
When an interview goes terribly wrong, the situation seems downright hopeless. After all, recovering from a botched interview is challenging, particularly when there are other candidates lined up for the gig. However, even interviewers know that a person might simply not perform well under pressure. A good follow-up letter that reiterates your experience, skill and desire to learn might undo some

What Are Three Differences Between a Structured Interview and an Unstructured Interview?
by OutOfBrain in Business
If you're a human resources professional or a manager charged with the responsibility of determining the hiring practices for your organization, one important decision you'll face is selecting the appropriate interview format. Two possible choices are the structured and unstructured interview. There are some key differences between the two formats to take into consideration. DefinitionsA struct

Tips on Phone Interview After In-Person Job Interview
by Joe in Business
A follow-up phone interview is your chance to demonstrate again that you are the best person for the job. During a phone interview, your voice must convey the enthusiasm and interest for the position that you would normally convey with body language on an in-person interview. While phone interviews are typically performed as a way to screen potential employees, a second phone interview has differe

Do I Have to Interview More Than One Person If I Find My Candidate on the First Interview?
by acacio in Business
As an employer, you have the power to select your employees for your business. When you are interviewing candidates for a position available in your company, you can browse through the candidates and be picky about the number you choose to interview. If you find the ideal candidate during the first interview, you can cancel the remaining interviews to save time and money for your company. Inter

What Is the Difference Between a Screening Interview & an Interview for Teachers?
by Kubla Khan in Careers & Job Searching
As more teachers enter the working world and school districts cut back, the competition for teaching jobs is steadily increasing. In order to weed out the underqualified, many school districts will invite you to a screening interview. The screening interviewer will access your qualifications and get to know you and your style. This interviewer will then recommend you to principals who will contact

How to Conduct a Final Interview & Closing Interview
by cmt95 in Business
Screening candidates to fill an available job position can be an exhausting process. After sifting through dozens or hundreds of resumes and cover letters, completing the first rounds of interviews to screen out unqualified applicants and selecting the chosen few for the final interview and closing interview, you're finally steps away from bringing a new employee on board. Conduct a final intervie

The Top Interview Questions for an Interdepartmental Interview
by Matias in Business
Although interdepartmental interviews may contain fewer surprises than external interviews, they may be more nerve wracking. First, the stakes of an interdepartmental interview are usually high -- you are probably seeking promotion or attempting to avoid a layoff. Second, if you tank an interdepartmental interview, you must usually continue to work with your interviewers regardless of whether or n

Job Interview Tips & Interview Questions
by neosephiroth86 in Careers & Job Searching
Be on top of your game during your next job interview. Ask intelligent, thought-provoking questions and furnish important information. Dress for success, make eye contact and listen intently. Body LanguageHow you sit and whether you make eye contact with your interviewer says a lot about you. If you look away from the interviewer when you talk, you may appear untrustworthy but if you stare too

How to Interview With a Panel Interview
by nsavop in Personal Finance
Interviewing for a new job can be stressful, and even more nerve-racking when you are face to face with not just one person, but a panel of interviewers. Knowledge about the company and polishing your interviewing techniques goes a long way toward getting your dream job. Being prepared, staying calm and looking your best can help you ace your panel interview.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Look

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