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Finding aging of customer invoice in a ledger. No posting of credit against invoice number
by Paul McKee in Programming Languages

I want to calculate bill aging days using SQl Server. When a bill is cleared, calculate its age.

Date Invoice# type age Debit Credit Balance
01/01 opening 27 8061
01/01 Cr 2000 6961
5/01 Cr 5000 1961
5/1 5 Dr 30

Generate invoice based on transactions and put invoice number in transaction column
by massmedia in Databases

The case

Hello, I'm building a Customer Loyality System where customers can use a personal loyality card to earn points and buy articles with this points.
Generally, we deal with three parties:

Loyality provider (manages the cashflow in the whole system)
Shop (-owners / -employees) (can sell or give away points to the customers or take points from customers)

Invoice & Invoice lines: How do you store customer address information?
by Gus in Databases

Hi I'm developing an invoicing application.

So the general idea is to have two tables:

Invoice (ID, Date, CustomerAddress, CustomerState, CustomerCountry, VAT, Total);
InvoiceLine (Invoice_ID, ID, Concept, Units, PricePerUnit, Total);

As you can see this basic design leads to a lot of repetiton of records where the client will have the same addrres, sta

Email Invoice Details from Invoice Workflow in CRM 2011
by deanschang in Development Tools & Services

In CRM 2011, I have a workflow configured to "Send Email" once Invoice status is marked "Paid". However, in the Email Template, it does not appear I have access to fields from the Invoice Details entity. How can I include the line items from the Invoice (via Invoice Details)?

I've also tried with Order record, but I also cannot insert fields from the Sales Order Details entity.


Difference Between Pro Forma Invoice & Commercial Invoice
by chadrico in Business
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ranks the United States first on its list of import countries. The U.S. ranks as the third non-collective country for exports. Pro forma invoices and commercial invoices are used in negotiating and finalizing these trade transactions. Pro Forma InvoiceThe pro forma invoice is generally submitted as a quotation in the early stages of import and export trade

Invoice date is in GMT/UTC when programmatically creating an invoice
by KeithTalent in Development Tools & Services

We have a process that generates shipments every 4 hours. Only the items that are shipped should be invoiced, so invoice creation is part of this process.

This process runs in an external PHP script that loads the Magento environment and then processes the pending orders.

When the invoices are created, the create at time is off by 4 hours, so that looks like it's not us

The Difference Between a Commercial Invoice and a Shipping Invoice
by Gerhard Miller in Business
When sending or receiving goods, creating an invoice is part of the process. There are several types of invoices, two of which are commercial invoices and shipping invoices. Each of these invoices has a specific use, and includes important information that is needed for the legal sale of goods and to help with the accounting process. Commercial InvoiceCommercial invoices are used to ship good a

Commercial Invoice Vs. Pro Forma Invoice
by Maxton in Business
Pro forma and commercial invoices are both used when companies sell and ship goods internationally. They are similar documents containing much of the same information, yet they serve different purposes. Pro Forma InvoiceA pro forma invoice is more or less considered a sales quote. It is issued by a seller to a buyer when the buyer is considering purchasing goods from the seller. It contains use

What Is a Credit Invoice & Debit Invoice?
by HtW in Business
Companies issue debit and credit invoices as they conduct business with customers. The terms debit and credit hold different meanings for accounting transactions, banking transactions and invoices. When a business exchanges a credit invoice or a debit invoice, it needs to realize what these documents mean. Credit InvoiceSellers issue credit invoices for a variety of reasons. If a customer repor

The Difference Between a Pro Forma Invoice & Tax Invoice
by mdiezb in Business
A customer receives an invoice from a vendor to indicate the services or products he purchased. The invoice typically includes information about the purchase price, the type of product, the quantity purchased, any guarantees, services, tax and payment terms. Some types of invoices do not require payment. These invoices represent an intent to purchase and give the customer detailed information abou

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