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Me.Invoke in VB.NET doesn't actually “Invoke” - threads stall on Invoke statement
by Eric in VB & VBnet

I've got the following code:

Public Delegate Sub SetStatusBarTextDelegate(ByVal StatusText As String)
Private Sub SetStatusBarText(ByVal StatusText As String)
If Me.InvokeRequired Then
Me.Invoke(New SetStatusBarTextDelegate(AddressOf SetStatusBarText), StatusText)
Me.labelScanningProgress.Text = StatusText
End If

Invoke a method on the main thread without a WinForm control to call Invoke or BeginInvoke on
by DigDog in Programming Languages

I want to run an operation on a background thread. When it has completed I want to check for any errors that occurred and re-throw them on my original thread.

I am using a backgroundworker. Throwing an exception in the RunWorkerCompleted event handler results in an unhandled exception - this makes sense if the eventhandler is running on the background thread. If I had a winform con

p/invoke dll loads fine on dev machines but distributed applications (xp/windows7) p/invoke .dll cannot be found
by Soccer55 in Programming Languages

We built a project in c# that uses a .dll which we use p/invoke to access functions within the .dll. It works on our development machines, we can create an installation version of our software which runs fine but if we load it on other xp machines and windows 7 machines which aren't dev machines it reports an error that the .dll that it is trying to p/invoke cannot be found. The error is repo

How to invoke Powershell version 2 on remote computer via Invoke-Command
by pad in Programming Languages

I'm trying to remotely setup websites on web servers using powershell. The web servers I'm attempting to configure are Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 which has powershell v2 on it by default.

To make things easier, I'm using the Snapin "WebAdministration".

Whenever I attempt to invoke a the following command:

PS C:p4eacp4wireframeReleaseEngineeringDL_Powers

How to invoke Spring setter method before any other class constructor get invoke?
by Allan in Programming Languages

I have an action class and that class will have a BOC object that will fill with Spring Dependency Injection. Below shows the sample code:

public class ActionCls {
private BOC theBoc = null;
/*** theBoc getter / setter ***/

If I want to call a member function, say thefunc, that belong to BOC inside the Acti

Invoke mage using Powershell 2.0 and invoke operator (i.e. &)
by cengel4 in Web Design

I would like to use Powershell 2.0 to script the creation of an application manifest using Microsoft's Manifest Generation and Editing tool (mage). Specifically, I would like to be able to pass dynamically specified parameter values to the mage command (e.g. read from xml or some other source).

Although I can accomplish this using invoke-expression, I would prefer to avoid it is re

How to invoke a string from a class using method.invoke(-,-)
by Mario Tristan in Programming Languages

Here i am trying to get uContainer object from another project. uContainer having all the setters and getters with return values set from properties file. Like a user properties for perticular user. I am using to get perticular method values from uContainer instance. But in the 4th line my application getting crashed.

uContainer is an instance of UserConta

Difference between Invoke and <Control>.Invoke
by amelim in Programming Languages

Winforms Application. Background thread retrieves messages from a MQ and makes changes on the UI Thread.

I need to call this method to Update a custom list

private void UpdateList()
if (ctrlLabel.IsHandleCreated)
ctrlLabel.Invoke(new Action(() =>
//Do Somet

Getting a “Failed to invoke the service” while trying to invoke a wcf service
by Erik Ordway in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to host a Wcf Service on the IIS, but am unable to do so. I have the service inside a website in IIS added as an application and am also able to get the wsdl for the service. But when trying to hit the service through the WcfTestClient, I get the following error -

Failed to invoke the service. Possible causes: The service is offline or inaccessible; the client-side con

DynamicMethod.Invoke or DynamicMethod.CreateDelegate+Invoke - which is faster?
by besn in Programming Languages

Which of the following gives better performance:

DynamicMethod dm = ....
//create IL for 'dm'
//store 'dm' for later use


DynamicMethod dm;
Delegate del = dm.CreateDelegate()
// store 'del' for later use


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