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Issue porting to Mono: Failed to convert parameters due to namespace issue during deserialization
by Pierre LeBoo in Programming Languages

On Windows, with .NET. There is no issue serializing or deserializing the following WCF web object:

public class Payload
public Payload() {}
public class SubPayloadOne
public String Name { get; set; }
public int Count { get; set; }
public class SubPayloadTwo

Perfomance issue with rake task: Would adding worker dyno resolve the issue?
by Ali in Programming Languages

In our application we are using rake task for sending mails to around 11 000 users. Each email sending is executed as a delayed job as given following.

@Users.each do |a|

It was working perfect two weeks back and suddenly slowed down. Means it was about to send all that emails in single day but currently it take

NHibernate mappings issue when referencing class (lazy load issue?)
by DeeJay1 in Programming Languages

I'm using NHibernate + Fluent to handle my database, and I've got a problem querying for data which references other data. My simple question is: Do I need to define some "BelongsTo" etc in the mappings, or is it sufficient to define references on one side (see mapping sample below)? If so - how? If not please keep reading.. Have a look at this simplified example - starting with two model clas

issues running a wix patch when directory configurable with a property - xmlfile issue and shortcut issue
by in Programming Languages

I just recently switched over from using InstallShield to using Wix and have converted the product I work on to Wix 3.5.

I am now trying to do my first patch.

The Wix installer files I have made consist of many fragments due to the size of the product and number of files required.

The patch I have put together using purely wix is for only one file in the e

Elegant way for handling this string issue. (Unicode-PAnsiString issue)
by demetris in Programming Languages

Consider the following scenario:

PStructureForSomeCDLL = ^TStructureForSomeCDLL;
TStructureForSomeCDLL = record
pName: PAnsiChar;
function FillStructureForDLL: PStructureForSomeDLL;
// Result.pName := PAnsiChar(SomeObject.SomeString); // Old D7 code working all right
Result.pName := Utf8ToAnsi(UTF

Date issue in Client(Flex) and Serverside(JAVA) issue
by naemi in Programming Languages

I have a date porblem in flex applications.

while submit the date in flex applcation (28/09/2010 10:00:00 AM) as a string, the date is cobnverted in to Date object inserver side and displayig the result.

But i install the server in other location (Ex:- USA) .Now i am passing the date from india(28/09/2010 10:00:00 AM) But the date in the USA is different. How to convert

Iphone xcode project SVN(Subversion control issue) Issue
by TCH in Programming Languages

Than they did modification in local copy but they did change in same Xcode file. Let say Iphonedeveloperviewcontroller.m file.

So in this case, how can i merge this change using SVN Subversion control?

I tried following way but i lost some code.

1) One user will commit the change than second user will update Xcode copy and commit the change.

How to consume this wsdl webservice using Javascript client (assume cross-domain issue is no problem, ignore that issue)
by bdurbin in Javascript

i'am a newbie, and i need some help..

Here is the offline wsdl file about webservice: www.mediafire.com/?23266wtqkewbugc#1

And the online wsdl file:lontar.cs.ui.ac.id/Lontar/services/PenelusurDokumen?wsdl, but the server now is down.

I want to call some method/function from webservice via javacript client. I have tried the ways from this tutorial link:www.gur

Salesforce/PHP - outbound messages (SOAP) - memory limit issue? DOMDocument::loadXML() Premature end of data in tag issue?
by AJ. in Programming Languages


OK I figured it out, looks like fread has a filesize limitation, changed this to


, but now having SF give a java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out error and nothing on the PHP side. I have also added set_time_limit(0); to the PHP script which if I understand correctly execute the script for as lo

Knockout.js issue on iPhone - drop down list issue
by Skee in Web Design

I'm having some trouble with Knockout.js when running on an iPhone. The problem seems to be specific to html select controls. The phone gets into a state where the picker (i.e. iOS drop down) has multiple items selected.

Please see a working example here;

To repeat;

Browse on an iPhone in portrait,
Select a col

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