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How do I generate an MsBuild itemList from another item list based on the current item's directory name?
by sdculver in Programming Languages

i'm taking a list of files *.config and copying them to a list of directories. The directories are relative to a path C:ranches have a name and then the name.UnitTest.

so the copy looks like this without being refactored/batched:

<Target Name="CopyClientConfigs">
<ClientConfigDestinations Include="$(L

KnockoutJS remove item from observable array. Item is listitem within ul, which was generated by foreach
by Frank Bradley in Web Design

Using KnockoutJS, how can I remove an item from an observable array? I want to be able to click on the listitem, and remove the item from the array (and thereby the list).

The code sample below reports: 'this.expertise is undefined'.

Do I need to define some sort of expertise object, and then call it from within there?

Help! :)

<ul data-bi

Item rendered via a DataTemplate with any Background Brush renders selection coloring behind item
by Veliko in Development Tools & Services

I have a ListBox which uses a DataTemplate to render databound items. The XAML for the datatemplate is as follows:

<DataTemplate x:Key="NameResultTemplate">
<WrapPanel x:Name="PersonResultWrapper" Margin="0" Orientation="Vertical" Background="{Binding Converter={StaticResource NameResultToColor}, Mode=OneWay}" >

Android - testing billing purchase with real item id gives error: Item Not Found
by Igor Carron in Programming Languages

I have a situation where I tested on a test device with the item id: android.test.purchased
And things worked. Then once I changed that string with the real item id, I started getting Item Not Found error when I pressed the buy button.

Also the buy item is a subscription and not a 1-time purchase. Does that make a difference?

I was not sure which part of the cod

Navigation title / item disappears on switching tab bar item in action sheet clickedButtonAtIndex?
by smbrant in Mobile Programming

I'm really pulling my hair out over this one.

I'm showing an action sheet on the first view controller within my first tab bar item, when I tap OK, I'm switching to another view within another tab bar item, using the following code.

- (void)actionSheet:(UIActionSheet *)actionSheet
clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex {

Javascript: How to remove an array item(JSON object) based on the item property value?
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

like this:

var arr = [
{ name: "robin", age: 19 },
{ name: "tom", age: 29 },
{ name: "test", age: 39 }

I want to remove array item like this(an array prototype method):

arr.remove("name", "test"); // remove by name
arr.remove("age", "29"); // remove by age
How i stop triggering swing JCombo Box item listener while adding item to combo box.
by l2ez4m in Programming Languages

I want a JCombox which contain list of invoices. if i select a invoice it will fill the form. invoices are loaded by selecting "buyer" combo box. invoices combox has itemStateChanged event. problem is when i select the buyer, form fills with first invoice(first item in invoice combo box). so i set selected index in to -1 in invoice combo box. same result i got.

Order's toString

Select item in ListView, then display a custom message (for each item) onClick using toast
by Christian Seitzer in Programming Languages

Basically what I am doing is giving a user a list of terms via listview. The terms are defined as strings in strings.xml:

<item name="Bahrain testing">Bahrain</item>
<item name="Bangladesh testing">Bangladesh</item>
<item name="Barbados testing">Barbados</item>
<item name="Belarus testing">Belarus</item>

jQuery Mobile List Item Split Button without Link on main item
by showb1z in Programming Languages

Let's say I have a jQuery Mobile site with a bunch of <li> with a split icon (data-icon="grid").

Is it possible to have the left-hand side of the list item not wrapped in a href but keep the button on the right-hand side?

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/SSQMB/

I have tried:


In Yahoo! Pipes, how do I take a string from item.description and copy it to item.title?
by Juncar in Web Design

Okay, so I already have a Pipe where I extracted the string I need from item.description, using the Loop and String Regex modules, and am emitting the results with the "emit results" option. Now, where do I go from here?

EDIT: Since an example was requested, here is one:

The item.title is "NBA Game: Lakers vs. Clippers" and the item.description is "The game went into ove

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