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Jmeter+Jruby-JSR223 sample Request+jmeter properties are not assigned for more than 4 threads
by Asif in Programming Languages

I have setup ant Jmeter task which gives Jmeter request with already assigned 3 properties to Jmeter test plan (JMX) ,

when i was reading these properties in Jruby script(JSR223 sampler) like below (for upto first 4 threads it is getting all 3 property values correctly and assigning to localvariables (pvalue1mpvalue2)..


Remote jmeter-server sends all output to controlling jmeter instance
by Jan D in Web Design

My workplace is connected via cable internet with limited up/downstream, so for load-testing a web application I am using a distributed approach:

An instance of jmeter-server (v2.4) is running on a remote linux box which has proper internet connectivity.
The controlling jmeter GUI (also 2.4) is running on my desktop.
The two are connected via a VPN.
The SUT is a web-app

JMeter - Loopback address error when launching jmeter-server on Linux
by Blue in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to set up a distributed load testing environment using JMeter. I need to set up the remote clients using something portable like a Linux Live CD, but whenever I attempt to launch jmeter-server in Linux, I receive the following error...

Created remote object: UnicastServerRef [liveRef: [endpoint:[](local),objID:[3b0d3d42:12985b7a49b:-7fff, -8459389540436

JMeter - trouble configuring payload for jmeter-server test connecting over SSH
by Jimzz in Development Tools & Services

I'm tearing my hair out over a JMeter config issue. I'm running JMeter on a dedicated injection server, using the gui on my local box to control the tests [EDIT: The connection is SSH. The client is Windows 7 and the server is Linux). I've run the tests from my local box and I confirmed that they're working correctly from there. I put the payload (text files containing one JSON object each) on

How to write to parent directory of jmeter test using jmeter's 'save response to a file' node
by Aires in Programming Languages


I know that if you use '~/' in the filename prefix then that will get you to the location of the jmeter test. What I want is to write the file to the parent directory of the test file. Is there a way to accomplish this. Basically the goal is to have the test be able to dynamically write the file to the parent directory of the test file (wherever it happens to be)

Jmeter server and Jmeter GUI client remote setup issues
by tdowg1 in Development Tools & Services

I was trying to setup remote jmeter server and jmeter client.

Server public IP :
Client public IP :

I am able to start jmeter server which is on rackspace cloud.

My desktop is behind a firewall with a NAT public IP address. I opened the port 1099 on firewall and added a public IP for the desktop. Also added rem

How to get jmeter object in Jmeter
by itsmegb in Programming Languages

Is it possible to get the Jmeter object(ex: Xpath assertion) and disable it.

What I'm trying to achieve is when I update something, if the update request fails I want to disable the assertion.

JMeter and ASP .NET
by terrestris in ASP & ASP.net

I have been told that JMeter is having some issues with ASP .NET pages, is that true?

I am beginner in JMeter and do not want to run into some problems that I will not be able to solve. I have read that some people were using it successfully, the thing is, how many manual alteration and JMeter knowdlege does it take?

Also the basic question: How good is latest version of

TAGS : JMeter

JMeter Web Interface
by chadrico in Web Design

I need a way to see reporting of JMeter online. I also need to create charts based on results.
I see blazemeter.com is doing that.
I am thinking to have each test output xml results and a process that will convert each xml result to database. Which can be then used to generate web-pages.

Does anyone else have other suggestions?

TAGS : JMeter Interface

JMeter OutOfMemoryError
by Munir in Network & Servers

I am facing below OutOfMemor errors, and JMeter stops working....

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Dumping heap to
java_pid4412.hprof ... Heap dump file created [591747609 bytes in
71.244 secs] Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Exception in thread
"AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java he


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