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jqGrid multiselect is very slow with large local data and jQueryUI 1.8, jQueryUI 1.7 is fine
by scsscs in Programming Languages

I am using jqGrid in an ASP.NET page and injecting the datainto a script block on the page and then loading from there. For this one use case it is necessary that we have a large amount of data visible on the screen at once. which involves 300~500 records with 30 columns on each row. Paging for this case is not a good fit. The user needs to be able to scan the mass amount of data, select 40~60

event binding with .on() for JQueryUI dialogs inside JQueryUI tabs
by doubledeluxe in Programming Languages

I have a page with links of class 'dialog' that generate in JQueryUI dialog when clicked. Those dialogs are created from other elements present on the page, and can contain links of class 'add_tab', that should create a new JQueryUI [tab] (http://jqueryui.com/demos/dialog/) when clicked. Those tabs load their content via Ajax and consist identical structures. This means that an 'add_tab' link i

How to build a jqueryui theme for previous versions of jqueryui
by qba73 in Programming Languages

On a project I can't use jqueryui 1.9 because of jquery version (1.4)

Is there a way to build a custom theme for jqueryui 1.8 ?

jqueryui resizable handle does not move with element on a non-jqueryui-resizable-resize
by Icecold in Programming Languages

If I make an element resizable with jqueryui and I change the size of this element without using jqueryui resizable, but for example by jquery.css('width'), then the handle of the jqueryui resizable does not move with the element.


<img id="image" src="http://www.google.com.br/images/srpr/logo3w.png"/>
<input id="resizeImage" type="button" value="Re

Has anyone else had trouble with IE9 and jQueryUI?
by Idontcare in Development Tools & Services

I work with a lot of jQuery UI code and IE9 seems to slow down to a crawl everytime I browse a page with jQueryUI on it.

You could try it out on the jQueryUI demo pages @ http://jqueryui.com/demos/

ExtJS vs. jQueryUI
by damomurf in Web Design

I recently had the experience of doing the same thing (a search combo box) with jquery and extjs. I found extjs to be buggy and overly complex. On the contrary, I found jquery to work very well and be very simple. I am wondering what are other people's experiences of using extjs. Does extjs complexity actually buy you something?

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Advantages of jQueryUI
by bhupesh in Programming Languages

I am more and more tempted to try jQueryUI. I'm sort of scared, though, that whenever a feature I need is missing, it will be hard to customize the widgets to my needs, so rolling my own widgets as needed may be a ore secure bet.

In particular what I'd like to know is:

How difficult is it to go beyond the basic themes? Say I want to widgets to match the design of my site

Alternative to JqueryUI?
by Surya in Web Design

Need alternative to JqueryUI mostly for styling input, select and other such stuff.
I saw ninjaUI and Vaadin. Vaadin is really sexy, i wonder if there are any alike that are as good as mentioned ?

An Alternative to JqueryUI?
by Nate-X in Programming Languages

I'm using jquery ui in my page for a dropdown menu. But this file has a large size (198KB) and increased my page load time.
Is there any alternative for this file? or is it possible to edit this file and remove some useless codes?

asp.NET jqueryUI autocomplete
by slippysoup in Programming Languages

like described in the headline i got a little problem getting the jqueryUI autocomplete Widget to work.

It sounds silly but im hanging the whole day getting that thing solved, but i didnt. I`ve developed a few years C# and now trying, since a month or so..., to develop with asp and jquery. Just for showing, I´ve searched the web and especially stackoverflow and tried a


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