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Create XML in Javascrpt
Category : Java

I'm wondering, is it possible to create an XML file with some data in Javascript? I have the data stored in variables.

I've googled around a bit and it doesn't seem like it's talked about much. I thought i could use XMLWriter such as this:

var XML = new XMLWriter();
XML.BeginNode ("testing");

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MVC.net asynchronous response(s) to client/JavaScrpt
Category : Programming Languages

I am looking for a possible solution(s) for my requirement,
From ASP.NET MVC Controller action method we invoke multiple asynchronous calls to multiple DB's. These call(s) will return data back to callback method. Callback method maintain static dictionary and stores data based on user-key(unique).

Currently we implemented as, polling to server of data availability which will

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running javascript function on url? google.com?javascrpt:(func())
Category : Javascript

I would like to run javascript function after link load.
Link is for example google and I would like to run function after load, without pressing any bookmarks etc. Is it possible to make a link like

http://google.com?javascript:(function(){}(something here);)

Thanks for your answers

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