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How to manually set/propagate security context information e.g. Principal for JBoss 7 (over JBoss remoting 2)
by mdiezb in Development Tools & Services

I'm using jboss remoting 2.5.4.SP3 to provide remote access to EJBs in a JBoss 7.1 server from both a web app and other JBoss instances. I'm doing it manually because of issues with remote EJB access in JBoss 7.1, specifically (but not only) the inability to access the same (interface) bean on multiple servers simultaneously. I'm using remoting2 because remoting3 has no documentation.

JBoss application deployment error persists even after using a fresh JBoss distribution on Ubuntu
by Monev in Programming Languages

I am facing a very weird problem. This is one of those errors that just doesn't make sense. Please read till the end before jumping to conclusions.

When I deploy our web application (.ear file) containing web services written in Apache CXF on JBoss without making any changes to the web.xml file, everything seems to work fine.

When I make some changes to the web.xml fil

JBoss EAP6 Connection to external HornetQ Implementation doesn't work, but does with JBoss 7.1.1
by chardin in Programming Languages

I am trialing the JBoss AS EAP6.

However I have system solution that has been implementated using JBoss AS 7.1.1. and an external HornetQ 2.1.14 implementation. This works successfully with JBoss 7.1.1, but EAP 6 doesn't connect to HornetQ.

I am running as localhost. is it a case this just doesn't work, or am I missing something and the configuration is wrong?

Jboss JMS client give and error After connecting and cant connect to jboss application server 4.2.2.GA
by Zack Harvey in Programming Languages

Jboss application server 4.2.2.GA client application gives an error after 3 ,4 hours connection established.After this error happen Client application can't connect with application server and it needs application server restart.Can you please explain me why this happen and any fix or any setting to configure in jboss application server.Is it programming issue or Jboss Application Server Issue?

JBoss - Spring Web Project - Need to have jsessionid in URL to remain sticky in JBoss Cluster solution
by Wonderbread in Programming Languages

I currently have a web project that is built on Spring and JBoss 7.1.1. We have implemented a solution with clustering and high availability. I dont know too much about this side of things.

What I have been told though, is I need to have the jsessionid within the URL to ensure that it remains sticky to one node in the cluster.

In my Spring securirty configuration, I had

Deployed war in JBoss via cargo-maven2-plugin not accessible via JBoss AS Admin console
by Nothingness in Development Tools & Services

I'm deploying a war to a remote JBoss 5.1.0 using the following POM config


jBoss 4.0.2 deploying same WAR multiple times causes jBoss to crash because of PermGem/Out-of-Memory Errors
by licensing in Programming Languages

I develop web applications and I use jBoss 4.0.2 and when I have redeployed my WAR several times with eclipse, jBoss will crash because it runs out of memory. And when I have to install new version to production enviroment, it will consume production servers memory, so that means I have to stop jBoss to prevent redeploying eat memory from customers server. Is there any work around for this prob

Moving to JBoss AS7 from tomcat. mvn jboss-as:deploy does not work on my maven project
by adapar in Programming Languages

We are moving from tomcat to JBoss AS7 and I been reading the docs and it tells me to do a

mvn jboss-as:deploy on the project but I get:

[ERROR] No plugin found for prefix 'jboss-as' in the current project and in the plugin groups [org.apache.maven.plugins, org.codehaus.mojo] available from the repositories [local (/home/jsmith/.m2/repository), central (http://repo.m

Error fetching SQL Server 2008 database with JBOSS Tools 3.3 and JBOSS 7.1
by Mike in Development

While trying to create a Hibernate Configuration using JBOSS Tools (to access a database schema in SQLServer 2008) I get an error.

After creating the Hibernate Mapping file (an empty one) and the Hibernate Configuration File, and the Console Configuration, I try to open the Database in the the Hibernate configuration, I get this error:


JBoss on Oracle : ERROR JBAS013323: Invalid User while loging out from JBoss
by Braxos in Programming Languages

I'm working on application that uses JBoss 7.1 and PostgreSQL 9.1 as database and with this configuration everything works fine. I'm trying to migrate it to work on Oracle 11g and almost everything is done but I have one strange problem that I can't get through. This application can connect to Oracle database, of course working as JBoss client, and it can modify data and etc. but while loging o

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