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How do I return results for all records in a joined table query when they are missing from one of the joined tables?
by Marcos de Carvalho in Databases

I have the following SQL query

SELECT tbl_product.prod_id,
ISNULL (prod_code, ') AS prod_code,
ISNULL (prod_category, ') AS prod_category,
ISNULL(prod_title, ') AS prod_title,
ISNULL(prod_price, 0.0) AS prod_price,

Ordering joined query by multiple rows of the joined table
by Nate Bedortha in Databases

I've got a posts table and a postmeta table which contains meta_key and meta_value columns. I've included a simplified table structure below (with some demo data).

CREATE TABLE `posts` (
`id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`title` varchar(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT ',

Rails Mysql Find Joined Table's Joined Table By Date Created At Not Within n Months
by Andreas in Databases

I am having a hard time with a query. This is in rails (2.1), but maybe I need a find_by_sql.

I have a companies table which has many clients, which have many groups. I need to find companies which have not had any clients with any groups within a certain amount of time (say 3 months).

The best I have come up with is this:

Company.all(:include => { :cli

100+ tables to joined
by Chris Tattum in Databases

I was wondering if anyone ever had a change to measure how a would 100 joined tables perform?
Each table would have an ID column with primary index and all table are 1:1 related.

It is a common problem within many data entry applications where we need to collect 1000+ data points. One solution would be to have one big table with 1000+ columns and the alternative would be to sp

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JPA joined column allow every value
by rodvand in Programming Languages

I'm testing JPA, in a simple case File/FileVersions tables (Master/Details), with OneToMany relation, I have this problem: in FileVersions table, the field "file_id" (responsable for the relation with File table) accepts every values, not only values from File table.

How can I use the JPA mapping to limit the input in FileVersion.file_id only for values existing in

How to Leave a Job You've Only Just Joined
by Estonia in Careers & Job Searching
Not every job is going to be your dream job. Sometimes you may have a gut feeling when you are not the right fit for a position. When you come to this realization, you have to make a decision. Are you willing to stick it out and learn more about the job? Or do you want to save the employer time and money by letting them know you don't wish to keep the position? By letting the employer know ahead

How to Tell When You've Joined on Roblox
by diablo805 in Internet
Roblox is a website where supervised children can play games and entertain themselves online. Membership is free and kids must have permission from their parents prior to joining the site. The games and forums on Roblox are moderated by Roblox employees; inappropriate behavior and/or conversations are prohibited and anyone who chooses not to follow the rules ends up with a terminated account and c

How to Cut a Flue Once it Has Been Joined
by Chris Tattum in Home & Garden
A flue is a metal pipe that is used to move exhaust products, from combustion appliances to the outside of the building. This pipe is important for the safety of a building because the gases inside are both hot and poisonous. You may need to cut an existing flue to add a vent dampener, draft inducer or to add another appliance to the flue. Turn the power off to any device attached to the vent befo
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Getting the last 5 records of a joined query
by Kumar Anand in Databases

I have a query that does what i want joining table but i need it to change sligtly so i can use it for something else.

I need to get the last 5 records so i should be using the max function and limit it to 5 but it's not working properly

This is my current query, just need to get the last 5 records (probably by the festivalid)


Select with a Max in joined table
by jbcrail in Databases

I have 2 tables:

Table workflow

Request_Id, Step ID
123, 4
123, 7
198, 5

Table Steps

Step_Id, Step_num
4, 30
7, 12
5, 172

I am trying to return all records in table Workflow, where Steps.step_num is the max for that record.
My result should look like t

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