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How to Do Box Jumps
by orange-man in Sports & Fitness
Box jumps are a great method for developing explosive leaping ability off 2 feet. This versatile exercise can be completed in almost any environment and can be added into the middle of a longer work out with ease. If you're out jogging and run past a picnic table, why not take a few minutes out to do a few sets of box jumps, first on the seat, then up top to the table? By cutting down rest between
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Different BMX Jumps
by rancherlee in Sports & Fitness
BMX, which stands for "bicycle motocross," has come a long way from being just a mere racing sport. Racers strive to push the limits of what they can accomplish with their bikes. Today, exhibition jumping dominates the sport, allowing bikers to take the ground sport to the air. Several varieties of BMX jumping have become common, just remember to focus on safety whenever attempting any type of BMX
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What Are Bounce Jumps?
by WellBeing in Parties & Entertaining
Children like to bounce and jump, and parents like their children to burn off energy. Both dreams can become a reality with a bounce jump at your next party.
Bounce jumps are large, inflatable structures that allow children to jump around in a safe, confined area. Structure and DesignBounce jumps come in dozens of varieties. Options include castles, cars and ships.Bounce jumps vary in siz
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How to Build a Box or Box Jumps
by Timur Asaliev in Sports & Fitness
Workout boxes can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Different workout regimens require different sized boxes. These types of boxes can be great for increasing verticals, speed training and plyometric training. For example, a box could be built to be 12 inches high, but the process would be the same for building taller or shorter boxes. The only things that would change would be the size of
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How to Build FMX Jumps
by Jesper in Sports & Fitness
Over the years, dirt-bike riding has broken into a multitude of sub-genres including arena-cross and track racing. FMX, also referred to as freestyle motocross, is a riding discipline that involves aerial flips and death-defying tricks. According to ESPN, training facilities designed for FMX feature a variety of obstacles, including foam pits, wall rides and dirt jumps. While FMX riders often ride
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DIY Pole Jumps
by Longchao Dong in Sports & Fitness
The pole jump, typically called the pole vault, is a track and field event in which you use a long pole to hurtle yourself over a pole suspended in the air. It is among the most difficult events to master in track and field, but it's among the most exciting. There are many steps to the pole vault, and it is important that all of them be done correctly for a successful jump. Incorrectly performing
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How to use relative jumps?
by daveybrat in Programming Languages

I have the following questions regarding relative jumps:

I understand that JMP SHORT <displacement> will jump to <displacement> bytes relatively to the current PC. Is that correct?
Is it true that the assembler will generate an op code of a relative jump automatically? i.e. when I just write JMP <label>, if that label is loc
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How to Do Gymnastics Jumps
by AJ. in Sports & Fitness
Jumping is a basic skill for a gymnast. Learning to correctly perform various different jumps creates a strong foundation for many other gymnastic routines. Jumps are used in floor work, beam and many other gymnastic routines.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Warm-up your muscles. Stretch out your muscles to prepare them for doing gymnastics.
Perform a long jump. Stand tall with your hands ove
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How to Do Ricochet Jumps
by mysql in Sports & Fitness
Richochet jumps are a high-impact plyometric exercise that strengthen the leg muscles while improving an athlete's speed, acceleration and leaping ability. The jumps are an essential component of any field sport athlete's workout regimen and, for non-competitive athletes, also build lower body muscle tone and cardiovascular strength.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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Programming without jumps
by Toetee in Programming Languages

I try to find articles, books or anything about programming without jumps (x86 arch). I know that generaly it is impossible but i try to avoid jumps but gcc even with inline func uses jumps maaaany times. Coding only in Assembly is some sort of solution, but writing equivalent of 1000 lines in C is like hell party to my eyes..

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