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Garage Keepers Act
by Michiel Overtoom in Home & Garden
The Garage Keepers Act is a law passed into force by different governmental entities including the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in Canada and the state of Michigan in the United States. Canadian ActThe Canadian act spells out the rights and responsibilities of "garage keepers," those individuals and businesses who perform work on motor vehicles, including automobiles, motor bicycles, tracto
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Grants for Bee Keepers
by Kavoos in Business
Beekeepers make a living from honey and wax produced by bees kept in hives, also known as apiaries. The origin of the beekeeping profession dates to prehistory, and ancient cave drawings and Egyptian paintings show beekeepers. The modern form of beekeeping dates to Francois Huber, a French scientist, who examined the way bees worked to create honey. Huber's study helped develop the modern beekeepi
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Jobs for Inn Keepers
by Keoki619 in Careers & Job Searching
An inn keeper is basically someone who runs an establishment that provides shelter and food to others. There are a wide variety of settings that inn keepers work in, varying from small bed and breakfast facilities to much larger hotels. Depending on the establishment, inn keepers are frequently known to live on the premises. Bed and BreakfastVisiting a bed and breakfast can be a warm and enjoya
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The Salary of Zoo Keepers
by Platinumjsi in Business
Zookeepers tend to all the animals in zoos, often working alongside veterinarians, zoologists and others interested in animal science such as biologists and breeders. These workers have low compensation, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that even the highest paid workers were paid less than $32,000 per year as of May 2010. Despite the low pay, zookeepers often love their jobs, as they
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How to Put on Belt Keepers
by Gurpreet Singh in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Certain professionals such as police, military personnel and handymen must wear a work or utility belt over the belt that holds up their pants. If the person becomes active while performing the job, the belt can slide around his waist. For instance, if a police officer is on a foot chase, the last thing she needs to worry about is her belt sliding around or falling down. Belt keepers wrap around b
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What Are Magnet Keepers?
by nchaimov in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A permanent magnet is a piece of iron or a similar metal having its own magnetic field. Under ideal conditions, it will retain its magnetic strength for many years. Frequent drops, impacts or high temperatures weaken it. A piece of iron, called a keeper, fits over the magnet's poles, helping it retain its magnetism during long periods in storage. FerromagnetismAll permanent magnets exhibit what

How Do Bee Keepers Get Rid of Bees?
by deom2i in Pets
There are multiple reasons why a beekeeper wants to get rid of some or all of their bees; it is part of natural hive management. Beekeepers keep a different number of hives depending on their needs as a honey producer, bee breeder and available space. Depending on if a beekeeper is down sizing, relocating or retiring a hive, there are several options and resources available to aid in the task of
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Bee Keepers Associations
by onurtopcu in Careers & Job Searching
In 2009, professional beekeepers in the United States produced a total of 144 million pounds of honey, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Professional beekeepers in the United States and abroad can join professional organizations that provide benefits to companies involved in the raising of bees for honey. Amateur beekeeping associations also exist for those who keep bees as a hobby.

How to Make Wine Keepers
by Dan Lowe in Parties & Entertaining
In the past, dinner guests would use the fact that the wine would go to waste as an excuse to polish off a bottle. However, there are now several ways to preserve your wine after it has been opened. You can buy different versions of a wine vacuum that can reseal your wine until you are ready for another glass. These devises are unfortunately hard to build on your own because they contain several s
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How to Organize Cord Keepers
by negonicrac in Home & Garden
Too many people know the frustration and concern of having a mess of cords behind a computer desk or entertainment center. Cord keepers refer to plastic and metal objects that you use to wrap the cords of your electronic equipment and hold them securely. However, if you have a lot of loose cord keepers that aren't in use, they can jumble, scratch and get caught up inside each other. This could ben

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