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Android: Hiding soft keyboard from EditText shows wrong keyboard type
by goffi in Programming Languages

I have an Android application that consists of a few tabs. These tabs contain some spinners, SeekBars, and EditTexts. The EditTexts are all for numeric values, so I have restricted their input types to reflect this:


If the user clicks

Android Emulator - Having the keyboard display touch input when using physical keyboard to type?
by rixtertech in Programming Languages

was wondering if it was possible to use my physical keyboard to type, and have the android emulator simulate it as if it were a touch (specifically- the button highlights, and letter overlay)


Flash field doesn't accept numerical keyboard when one use upercase keyboard
by frogger9 in Web Design

When using a notebook and I have remarked that I cannot enter numerical character with shift + a letter to enter number.

Is this a bug in flash ? How to circumvent this ?

How to disable/not choose SWYPE keyboard for an EditText if an alternate soft keyboard is available?
by Orkspalter in Programming Languages

I have a Samsung Galaxy Y with android 2.3.6. My app has a simple activity with an EditText. I want that when the EditText gets focus, whose layout says android:inputType="number", the non SWYPE (samsung) soft keyboard shows up.How can I tell my app/EditText to do that by default?

The reason I want to do that is the SWYPE has a lot more button keys(Settings and another custom Tutori

Android 3: Simulating the behaviour of a soft-keyboard for a virtual piano keyboard
by Knoxy in Web Design

I work on a synthesizer where I would like to have a keyboard/piano displayed that the user can toggle on or off in any activity of the synthesizer to play keys. The best solution would be if it would behave like the normal softkeyboard, that means, I would like the "virtual piano" to resize the current activity to be a little bit smaller in it's height, so that the keyboard doesn't occupy rele

How to hide/show an optional keyboard animatedly from behind the Standard Keyboard in Objective C
by albenik in Programming Languages

I have set a inputAccessoryView as Referencing Outlet of the XIB's file View which has the buttons for an optional keyboard. That makes the View be shown when the Standard Keyboard is shown and be hidden when the Standard Keyboard is hidden.

It is also necessary to hide the optional keyboard when it gets a tap in its middle zone. This makes it be hidden while the Standard Keyboard i

CapsLock, NumLock, Insert, how to show keyboard status on screen when keyboard has no LED
by CodeAndLearn in Operating Systems

When keyboard has no LED, for Linux machine, is there an easy way to do this? By Command Line, Python, Perl or Ruby, to show when keyboard has CapLock, NumLock activated?

Detecting iPad keyboard hide versus external keyboard connect?
by eferro in Mobile Programming

The iPad virtual keyboard will disappear in one of (at least) these 3 circumstances:

If the control (say, a UITextField) programmatically resigns first responder.
If the user taps the "dismiss keyboard" button in the lower right.
If the user connects to the USB/keyboard dock peripheral.

In all cases, I get the UIKeyboardWillHideNotification.


High level global keyboard hook for C# and WPF for reading a keyboard wedge card scanner
by Mark Tran in C & C++ & C#

The only keyboard hook supported for .NET managed code is a low-level keyboard hook (WH_KEYBOARD_LL).

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1639331/using-global-keyboard-hook-whkeyboardll-in-wpf-c

I have the above code working in my application at the moment so that when you swipe your card you will get a list of all the keystrokes. The problem is for typing delimiter

Mac OS X NSPanel with NSTabView Keyboard Event: How do I use NSTabViewDelegate to display TabItem's View for keyboard navigation?
by Lathentar in Development Tools & Services

Mac OS X NSTabView: How Do I Display TabItem's View for keyboard navigation?

I have a TabView that works just fine with the mouse. I want to make the NSTabView support keyboard navigation.

Using the Arrow Key moves through the various TabItems, but does not cause the TabItem view to
appear. I need to click the tab in order to show the Tab's view.


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