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C# Keys Enumeration Confused: Keys.Alt or Keys.RButton | Keys.ShiftKey | Keys.Alt
by Keeper in Programming Languages

I was trying to test whether the Alt key was pressed.

I had a check similar to:

private void ProcessCmdKey(Keys keyData)
if (keyData == Keys.Alt)
System.Console.WriteLine ("Alt Key Pressed");

Anyways needless to say when I breakpointed when I had pressed the Alt key the debugger told me the key that was

ascii codes for windows keyboard keys and the codes for function keys(F1 - F12) and other keys like shift,capslock,backspace,ctrl etc
by Theo in Operating Systems

To write a keyboard related application I wanted the list of the ASCII codes of the keys that I have on my keyboard.

It is a windows keyboard :

From where can I get the codes ? It will be great if I get the codes in hexadecimal notation.

Is there a quick way to change the keys and foreign keys of my database during the development stage with script
by swinaz in Databases

Is there a quick script I can use in SQL Server to change the ID from int to unique identifier without physically going through and doing it manually. I have contemplated code gen to achieve this, but I would have thought using TSQL would be the quickest if possible that is!

problem Getting the keys alone from Associative array ? for (var key in AssociativeArray) returns all the keys and its prototype members
by besn in Web Design

I am having small problem in my JS where i need to iterate through all the keys in the associative array.

var listOfKeys=new Array();
for (var key in parsedArray)

It works perfectly and returns all the properties associated to the object. Now i have a situation to add the prototype method to an array,

Is it possible to use pure Encrypting and Decrypting keys in asymmetric cryptography instead of private and public keys?
by Ted Leung in Programming Languages

Is it possible to use pure Encrypting and Decrypting keys instead of private and public keys? As I know in .Net asymmetric RSA implementation private key RSAParameters parameters = (new RSACryptoServiceProvider()).ExportParameters(true) is a superset of public key. And using private key we can both encrypt and decrypt our data. But I need key only for decrypting data. How to do it?

Perl: Compare keys of 2 hashes & print the difference between the closest keys
by B3CFT in Coding


Borodin pointed out another possibility which I completely overlooked.
In the actual files (I manually sat and started looking through 46 files, each about 10MB large), there are cases where for a particular value in File1, no smaller value exists in File2 (but a greater value does).

Likewise there exist cases where for a particular value in File1, no

Does Linq to SQL designer support foreign keys with compound primary keys?
by mg. in Programming Languages

The linq to sql designer is not generating the property for one of the associations of my model, the only difference between this association and other associations is that this one references a 5 column primary key, could this be the problem?

KeyDown event is not working for Arrow keys, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown and other similar keys in silverlight
by tiagoggama in Programming Languages

I want to override the selection behavior of ListBox Items.

We can traverse through ListBox items using Up and Down arrows but I want to traverse the list using Left and Right arrow keys.

While I am trying to add the key down event for ListBox, It shows almost all key presses except for Arrow Keys, Home, End and similar keys.

I have the following code:

Java and Web development: good practices to store custom sensitive data such as private keys, API keys, etc
by Grumpy Tim in Programming Languages

What do you advise to store custom sensitive data within a Spring MVC application (or within any other JAVA Web MVC application actually)? Let's say I've an API key and I need it to be available for my controllers. Several solutions I could think about:

1- Using a static class:

public final static String API_KEY = "my-api-key";

2- Using a context

Binding keys with javascript while preventing the browser shortcut keys
by Gábor in Javascript

I'm making a javascript game and need to bind a lot of keys to different functions. This I know how to do, what I need some help on is over-riding the shortcut keys for the browser. in other-words I want to blur hot keys for the browser and divert them to my application.

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