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Having a IO.popen command be killed when the caller process is killed
Category : Programming Languages

I have a Ruby script that starts a subprocess. I want them to be killed when the overall process is killed.

IO.popen('testacular start unit.conf.js', 'w')

Run my script:

user.name:/my/repo [git: my-branch] $ ruby my-script.rb

Output from testacular:

user.name:/my/repo [git: my-branch] $ info: Testacular serv

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Process management: To be killed or Not to be killed
Category : Programming Languages

An observation: While I was developing my app on android, I noticed following two lines in LogCat. These occurred because of too much memory requirements of my own app. I have read that Android can decide when to get rid of a process that are not needed or because of memory requirements.

Does it mean the alarm will not trigger at all (when some other app has made it to kill)? The al

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is it possible my threads are not being killed when the server is killed
Category : Programming Languages

A quartz scheduler is being used in an Application I am working on. A process that runs using the quartz scheduler spawns new threads. I was wondering if it is possible for these threads to continue living after the server is killed?

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.Net 4.5 killed my TPL, now what?
Category : Programming Languages

Exhibit 1: some code wrapping an Async (not async!) network call into a Task

public static Task<byte[]> GetAsync(IConnection connection, uint id)
ReadDataJob jobRDO = new ReadDataJob();
//No overload of FromAsync takes 4 extra parameters, so we have to wrap
// Begin in a Func so that it looks like it takes no param

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Can this PHP Script be killed?
Category : PHP
class Test {
public function foo() {
echo "Foo!";
public function __destruct() {
header('location: http://google.com');
$Test = new Test;

I have a class which simply assign's various Session variables then pings the user back to their prev

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Cast has killed me -?
Category : Databases
Error 4 Cannot implicitly convert type

Generated from:

var RecoveryManagerQuery =
from RM in
from REP in e.Result

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LocationListener does not get killed
Category : Programming Languages

I have a foreground service which implements LocationListener. When the Service is killed, it keeps on getting a fix. However this is what I call in the onDestroy()

public void onDestroy() {
Log.e(getPackageName(), "Destroying GPSservice");
running = false;

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HTC one - app is killed every time
Category : Programming Languages

Hi I got a problem with my app. App is tracking the user road by GPS. It getting only start point and with each next point calculate distance and increase time. Everything is working great on my HTC Wildfire (with CMD7 2.3.7), Samsung SIII and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

When user start tracking, the app is finishing current activity and start new process with service in background. In the sa

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How to autorun Perl after killed?
Category : Programming Languages

I have script that use multiple $pid. So if too many connection of child spawn, my server hang and program not running.

I want to restart it automatic from cron job at my server, but it's cannot running because I use alternatif cPanel. So I want restart it automatic from it script.

I try to restart it with :

kill 9, $pid;
sleep 60;

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onActivityResult() when the app gets killed in background
Category : Programming Languages

While i am running an application the activity gets killed due to memory issue.

I am calling startActivityForResult() method in my activity to start camera. It is showing unusual behavior, when the calling activity gets killed in background. Some times the intent returns to onActivityResult() with result after entering onRestoreInstance(). But in some other case it is not entering

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