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Knowledge to Become an RN
by BeeBoop in Personal Finance
Registered nursing is the largest employment field in the U.S. health care industry, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require candidates who wish to practice as registered nurses (RN) in the state to be licensed by the state board of nursing. Requirements for licensure vary from state to state, but all state boards o
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Normalised beyond my SQL knowledge?
by pttr in Databases

I think I've normalised my database beyond my SQL knowledge. :)
Here's a query I'm struggling with from my Snooker league web app. It calculates overall stats for high breaks for a team from all seasons. In the example team id 3.

select max(break_score) maxBreak,avg(break_score) avgBreak,
count(break_score) breaks
from breaks
join matches on match_id=break_match

Anybody having knowledge on VRTX
by Kubla Khan in Web Design

I need to understand the internals of VRTX ( A RTOS).

How is it different from other commercial/free RTOS?
What makes VRTX unique in Embedded systems?

Fundamental SQL Knowledge?
by XiandreX in Databases

I'm about to take a challenge test so I don't have to take a Database Processing class. Even though I've worked with databases through out the last 5 years, I can't help but be nervous about the test. It's 50 questions and there's 2 parts: a true/false part and a part where I actually write SQL commands. It's non-platform specific.

What are the fundamental things I should know going

Flowers That Mean Knowledge
by Dennis Caldwell in Home & Garden
In different societies at various points in history, flowers have held a number of meanings. While sending someone a white rose may have meant "love" to a Victorian-era British person, it might mean "I'm sorry for your loss" in Latin America. Certain flowers convey the idea of knowledge in cultures around the world. BegoniasAccording to The Society of American Florists, the begonia stands for k

The Best Foods for Knowledge
by Blue in Health
Some foods are good for muscle development, others for shiny hair. A balanced diet impacts all parts of the human body, including the brain. The building blocks of knowledge-memory, concentration, intelligence-all form through genetics and nutrition. Eating the correct foods can increase concentration, protect memory, and lead to greater intelligence. Nutrition may even be able to protect the brai

How to Test My CDL Knowledge
by Munir in Cars
Becoming a driver for a commercial motor carrier means that you must have a comprehensive knowledge of motor-carrier laws and regulations and the skills to drive a commercial vehicle safely. Learning the requirements to pass a commercial driver's license test and the skills needed to pass the driving portion of the test are time consuming and difficult. Practice in the vehicle and memorization of
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How to Spread Your Knowledge
by Erik Ordway in Education
The knowledge in your large cranium could save the world. You know this to be true, but it seems that more often than not, your wise bits of useful information seem to fall on deaf ears and never gets the attention it deserves. If you want to spread your knowledge to the masses and enlighten humanity, it's time to get proactive and stop keeping those brilliant thoughts all to yourself.Difficulty:M

Knowledge Gap Analysis
by Bruce in Business
Knowledge gap analysis is a useful for tool for helping a company to keep focus on the big picture. By identifying where a company currently stands and where it wants to be, it becomes easier to identify how to attain the desired level of knowledge throughout the company. DefinitionKnowledge gap analysis is a way of looking at what knowledge resources a company, or individual, has in place. Cur

How to Acquire Knowledge
by BiaachMonkie in Education
As human beings we all have the potential to acquire knowledge and learn new things throughout our lives. The quest to acquire knowledge can go beyond job training or formal education and every person can benefit from making life a learning journey in which she learns something new every day.
Knowledge can be acquired through higher education but it can also be acquired through free and plent

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