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Landscape iPad shows view in Portrait and then quickly rotates it to Landscape
by Dan Lowe in Mobile Programming

I have a little issue with an application I'm building for the iPad. I have several views that are fixed in portrait mode, and others that can work in either portrait or landscape mode. Everything is fine - I have shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation: giving me the correct results, and views do eventually end up in the right orientation.

I say "eventually" because a couple of my

Media Query for iPad (Landscape) applied to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Landscape) as well
by Vlad Sirenko in Web Design

I am testing my web application on iPad(1,2) as well as Samsung Tab 2. I have got different sets of CSS(external) to be applied for Landscape/Portrait mode on iPad and Landscape/Portrait mode on Tab 2.

But I am unable to write a correct media query for the Tab 2. Contrary to my liking, the CSS to be applied for iPad Landscape is applied to Landscape mode of Tab 2 as well!

How to autorotate game scene in landscape right and landscape left mode in cocos2d?
by Georgia in Programming Languages

I am using cocos box2d version v1.1.0-RC0. Can anyone please help me out that how could i auto rotate my game scene in both landscape right and landscape left mode.Game scene oriented only in landscape left but not rotated in landscape right with device orientation.

Alert views in portrait, iPad in landscape, and unable to rotate to anything but “other” landscape (180 degrees)
by Mexico in Mobile Programming

Update: Solved. See fix at bottom.

In my iPad app which supports all orientations, if the app is loaded in landscape, weird things happen:

Alert views appear in portrait, even though the rest is in landscape
Rotating the iPad from landscape to portrait does not trigger a rotation (nor does it trigger any of the shouldAutorotate style methods).
Rotating the iPad 18

AlertDialog Displays Landscape-Sized View with Orientation in Landscape
by avdempsey in Programming Languages

My app's main activity is set in the manifest to always be in portrait view. This works fine when I load the app onto the tablet.

However, when I use my menu button and click "Setup", which opens an AlertDialog that inflates an xml layout, the tablet will display the left 2/3 or so of the entire dialog. The rest of it goes offscreen to the right. This case only occur

iText pagesize landscape - broswer doesn't render landscape
by Idaho in Web Design

I want to create pdf page in landscape mode but the browser seems to render the generated page in portrait mode always.. same issue with both IE and Firefox.. here is what I did to get Landscape mode..

Rectangle a4 = PageSize.A4;
Rectangle a4LandScape = a4.rotate();

I can see that width>height after line 3, but once

Difference Between a Landscape Architect & a Landscape Designer
by Caomai in Home & Garden
A city greenscape, a challenging golf course or a beautifully designed private estate all owe their existence to the careful work of a highly trained landscape architect. Simple designs created to beautify the surroundings of the average residential home may be produced and installed by a landscape designer. The landscape architect is a licensed professional, but landscape designers don't need lic

How to set status bar orientation for both landscape left and landscape right?
by Navin in Operating Systems

Hi i have developed an iPad app which will completely run in landscape mode then installed the same app in ios 6 it forced to run in portrait mode so i added few things in my code through which ican run my app in landscape mode in both ios6 and lower versions. But my problem is after i rotate then i push to next view landscape right turns into landscape left. If i dont rotate then no problem

Detect landscape to landscape orientation change
by Master843 in Operating Systems

I do some custom layout including an animation in willAnimateRotationToInterfaceOrientation:duration:
The problem I have is that if the device changes from landscapeLeft to landscapeRight the interface should rotate but the layout code, especially the animation should not be run. How can I detect that it is changing from one landscape to another? self.interfaceOrientation as well as [[UIAp

Desert Landscape and Glacial Landscape
by cubby1223 in Travel
Desert and glacial landscapes seemingly stand at opposition to one another. However, these landscapes are similar in that they are examples of two extremes of nature and are continually being shaped by geologic processes and forces of erosion. Desert and Glacial FormationDeserts exist because of a number of environmental conditions. Subtropical deserts form in mid-latitude where dry atmospheric

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