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Match language code with countries where this language is an official or commonly used language
by golazo in Programming Languages

Is there any python library to get a list of countries for a specific language code where it is an official or commonly used language?

For example, language code of "fr" is associated with 29 countries where French is an official language plus 8 countries where it's commonly used.

How can an implementation of a language in the same language be faster than the language?
by David Bjornn in Programming Languages

If I make a JVM in Java, for example, is it possible to make the implementation I made actually faster than the original implementation I used to build this implementation, even though my implementation is built on top of the original implementation and may even be dependant on that implementation?

( Confusing... )

Look at PyPy. It's a JIT Compiler for Python made in Py

Can I use a satellite resource assembly for one language in the OS for another language simply by changing the name of the folder the dll appears in?
by keyed in Programming Languages

If I compile a .NET satellite assembly with localised resources, does the assembly itself know which language it is for, or is this implied in the folder in which it appears?

If I decide to create a localised assembly where all strings are enclosed by '@' symbols for testing if all of my app is localised and then install that on an EN-GB OS in an 'en' sub folder and load the app up

Comparison between native language or cross platform language such as HTML5 for mobile applications
by General Mills in Web Design

After I researched in some websites, I found that it is better to use cross-platform language to write apps.
But, is it good for using HTML5, and is there any tutorial for writing applications for mobile?

east asian language is broken when I make Executable in DrRacket(language is scheme)
by Dan in Programming Languages

I'm using DrRacket for Scheme Programming.

for I'm not a person who use native English, I need to print out east asian language.

There is no problem when I press run button in IDE.

East asian language is printed well.

But when I make an executable file, and execute, east asian characters were broken when program prints out.

Is there an

How can I load a default language plist if the localized version does not exist for the current language?
by NeoTubNinja in Programming Languages

I am loading the plist like so:

NSString * plistPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Names" ofType:@"plist"];
NSDictionary * contentArray = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:plistPath];

But contentArray is nil if the plist doesn't exist for the current device's language. How can I default to English?

Are there any language extensions or language descendants of Haskell, that favor expressiveness, particularly in instance handling?
by jcwagers in Web Design

At times, I run into the "feature" that Haskell only matches instance heads, namely,

instance (a ~ NewDataTyp b) => C a

will now match any type whatsoever, i.e. writing another instance declaration of C in your program will is an error, even if it cannot possibly conflict due to the context a ~ NewDataTyp b. At times, it takes a l

Native iOS Language Translated String and its Language Code Identification (LCID)
by Geoffrey De Smet in Programming Languages

How does iOS Show the List of Languages in the Translated String or in the Language's Locale.

Is there an LCID associated with it?
If so, where can I find it's Mapping?
How does it work?
Is there an API or any documentation you can point me towards?

I am attaching a screenshot of what I actually mean:

All I could find is this link

PHP Codeigniter multi-language site use session variables to store language key
by Pepe Araya in Programming Languages

I am currently building a website with codeigniter 2.1.2. Now I am encountering a problem to efficiently building a multi-language website.

I have read through the language class tutorial and helper and I have stored two language folders "Chinese" and "English".

What I am intending to do is I want a language session variable called "lang". And I want the following:

Django localeurl: Changing language and language prefix in the rendered url in a view
by vb.net in Development Tools & Services

I'm doing some IP localization and need to set the language in a view.
Using translation.activate changes the language, but the rendered page
still have the default language prefix in its URL.
Is there any way to also change the rendered URL?



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