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Match language code with countries where this language is an official or commonly used language
Category : Programming Languages

Is there any python library to get a list of countries for a specific language code where it is an official or commonly used language?

For example, language code of "fr" is associated with 29 countries where French is an official language plus 8 countries where it's commonly used.

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How can an implementation of a language in the same language be faster than the language?
Category : Programming Languages

If I make a JVM in Java, for example, is it possible to make the implementation I made actually faster than the original implementation I used to build this implementation, even though my implementation is built on top of the original implementation and may even be dependant on that implementation?

( Confusing... )

Look at PyPy. It's a JIT Compiler for Python made in Py

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Can I use a satellite resource assembly for one language in the OS for another language simply by changing the name of the folder the dll appears in?
Category : Programming Languages

If I compile a .NET satellite assembly with localised resources, does the assembly itself know which language it is for, or is this implied in the folder in which it appears?

If I decide to create a localised assembly where all strings are enclosed by '@' symbols for testing if all of my app is localised and then install that on an EN-GB OS in an 'en' sub folder and load the app up

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Comparison between native language or cross platform language such as HTML5 for mobile applications
Category : Web Design

After I researched in some websites, I found that it is better to use cross-platform language to write apps.
But, is it good for using HTML5, and is there any tutorial for writing applications for mobile?

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east asian language is broken when I make Executable in DrRacket(language is scheme)
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using DrRacket for Scheme Programming.

for I'm not a person who use native English, I need to print out east asian language.

There is no problem when I press run button in IDE.

East asian language is printed well.

But when I make an executable file, and execute, east asian characters were broken when program prints out.

Is there an

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How can I load a default language plist if the localized version does not exist for the current language?
Category : Programming Languages

I am loading the plist like so:

NSString * plistPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"Names" ofType:@"plist"];
NSDictionary * contentArray = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:plistPath];

But contentArray is nil if the plist doesn't exist for the current device's language. How can I default to English?

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Are there any language extensions or language descendants of Haskell, that favor expressiveness, particularly in instance handling?
Category : Web Design

At times, I run into the "feature" that Haskell only matches instance heads, namely,

instance (a ~ NewDataTyp b) => C a

will now match any type whatsoever, i.e. writing another instance declaration of C in your program will is an error, even if it cannot possibly conflict due to the context a ~ NewDataTyp b. At times, it takes a l

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Is c# a suitable language for Chatterbot development which involve in Natural Language processing?
Category : C & C++ & C#

I am doing my final year project and at the beginning of developing a chatter-bot mostly based on ALICE techniques.I have done research comparing two main chatter-bot systems ELIZA and ALICE and selected ALICE method of developing the chatter-bot.

The knowledge base will be developed using AIML and the searching algorithms will be used as ALICE where searching with wildcards "_","a

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Native iOS Language Translated String and its Language Code Identification (LCID)
Category : Programming Languages

How does iOS Show the List of Languages in the Translated String or in the Language's Locale.

Is there an LCID associated with it?
If so, where can I find it's Mapping?
How does it work?
Is there an API or any documentation you can point me towards?

I am attaching a screenshot of what I actually mean:

All I could find is this link

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PHP Codeigniter multi-language site use session variables to store language key
Category : Programming Languages

I am currently building a website with codeigniter 2.1.2. Now I am encountering a problem to efficiently building a multi-language website.

I have read through the language class tutorial and helper and I have stored two language folders "Chinese" and "English".

What I am intending to do is I want a language session variable called "lang". And I want the following:

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